Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Scotland, London, Stratford, Hamilton, Canada Sings has a DEBUT date ...and my highschool reunion.

Yup, I am a mere two and half months from trundling back over the pond to Scotland, doing my London debut and having Canada Sings debut while I am....abroad...abroad....HAHAHAHAH!

(You will have to read through all of this to get to the part about my highschool reunion...just read through....don't be a pussy and just scroll down...yes, I called you a pussy)

August 10th is the air date for Canada Sings people...I will be in Scotland at the Edinburgh Fringe...which is fancy...but I wish I was gonna be here...I will be here in spirit.

So, watch Global on August 10th and then go to the CanadaSingsTV (yes, all one word) facebook page and tell everyone how much you loved me...wait, it...the TV show...and maybe me...why not, right?!?!?

All joking aside, I really believe that this is gonna be a wonderful show...and it isn't a talent show...it is an amazing hour of watching your possible friends and neighbours work their asses off and transform from office workers, doctors, nurses, policemen, waiters, call centre workers and firemen into an amazing group of singers and dancers...and it is all for charity....I KNOW!! You will love it.

And I am in it.

But the reason I won't be in Canada is because I will be debuting my new show at the Edinburgh Fringe, bitches.

It is called....ready?....

Sharron Matthews Superstar: Jesus Thinks I'm Funny.


And here is a pic from my promo photoshoot....


Anyhow, before all of this happens, I have some shows I would love to have you be around for, if you wanna!

I am reprising my Flying Beaver Pubaret Show (Big hit, people, was the Critic's Pick in the Toronto Star and the Now Magazine!!!) at the NEW Springworks Festival here in Stratford...it is happening this Friday the 13th (wow, I just noticed that...will have to honour that somehow) at 11:00pm at Factory 163....please go here for the deets


I am bringing Cooch and Jamie Drake up from TO to accompany me...we are gonna have a blast....IN MY NEW HOMETOWN!!!

FYI: This show...late night...not so much kid friendly!

And then from May 17th to the 29th I will be doing my "Sharron's Big Broadway Show" in the studio at Theatre Aquarius in Hamilton....my hometown....I have been doing this show all over Canada and it has been very well received and I have a great time...I am excited that there is gonna be a nice two week run!

This show? Totally kid friendly! Not toddler friendly...teenager and tween ish friendly. As long as they don't heckle...then all bets are off.

Go here for tickets and details...and it is selling really well so buy your tickets NOW!!!



I went to my 25th highschool reunion. I didn't know it was the 25th. So, when I was standing there with my friend Regan and said, "How long have we been out of highschool?", she looked at me like I was a doof and pointed at the big 25th Reunion banner on the wall....doof.

It was weird.

And I could not stop saying it.

There were a lot of people I didn't remember...there were a lot of people that I remembered who didn't really seem to want to remember...there were a lot of great people who I have not seen in a million years that I got to talk with.

And there was that bitch from grade 3...who I went to school with all the way to grade 12....who didn't talk to me...who ignored me from grade 3 to grade 12...who I saw there.

The one that my young girl friends demanded that I invite to my 13th brithday party...even though she didn't speak to me...and I did... yes, I know....but I was young, my dad had died and I just wanted everyone to like me.

She was there.

She is married to a drummer or something.


If you get that...then that makes me happy.

Anyhow, I saw her and thought about confronting her...and decided she wasn't worth the air.

I am 4-fucking-2 years old, people.

For the record...she still has the same hairstyle (?!) and seems to be the same FUCKING BITCH.

Other than that, my friend Jody just reminded me to write a couple of things... ...it is good to have friends to remind you of things.

1. Thanks to Anita Blaney for arranging the whole reunion, I am sure it was a great deal of work.

2. Dear Chrissie Godwin-Bokstein, I am sorry I asked you where you lived 3 times...I was over stimulated by all the people.

3. Thanks to Regan for getting a couple of us together beforehand to drink and eat Chinese food, you are the glue, Regan.

4. Thanks to the one man who kept pointing out how hot his wife was, "Can you believe how hot my wife is? Huh?" Huh...

I hope you all are well!!!

Come on out to the shows...I would love to see you!!!

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