Saturday, May 07, 2011

Three Favourite Things So Far Today...

So, it is only noon here in Stratford and I have done so much and thought so many fabulous thoughts ALREADY....I hope you enjoy....or scratch your head...or are as mad as I many options, HUH?

Anyhow...first thing this morning I looked out the back window ( I always do before I go outside because we are still a week away from an effing fence....people weren't meant to share property) and there are two women, one young, one old, with spades....digging up my garden.

I shit you not.

I YELL out the window..."THAT FLOWER IS MINE!" (it was the best I could come up with at short notice..I had just woken up after all)...I pulled on whatever was near (probably a cocktail dress and a hoodie) and ran outside...the women were still standing there...with the effing shovels...looking at me like I am crazy. I said again, "That is my flower...everything from that stake over (they were a good 5 feet in my yard) is mine."...then the old woman said "My sister used to own all these properties...I am used to just taking the flowers...." and still they stood, "Well, they are mine...." (I remained firm in my theme) and I was not budging.


Is this what happens in the country?

She then told me that she had be removing flowers for a month...which would explain the three big holes in my garden. WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?

OUT, get out!!!!

And they actually had the gall to seem pissed.

Then when I was driving to New Hamburg to drop George off I saw a huge sign hanging over the GORGEOUS green fields that said "Today's Holocaust, Abortion! Funded by YOUR Tax $$$!".


That seems a bit much, don't you think.

I hate that I will have to now look at this every time I go back and forth.

Way to fuck up the view.

Maybe I should rent a billboard beside it with that says....oh lord...I can't even write down what I want it to say...

Then that sent me down the conservative way....

With that thought I realized that we are probably one of the ONLY countries in the world where the leader was a big liar and then got a bigger majority after a non confidence vote and election...


All this being said I saw a gorgeous set of shelves at the antique market....

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