Wednesday, June 08, 2011

New York 2011

I took this picture from under the tree, where I sat with my MAC computer in northern Central Park.

So, Sunday in the Park, huh?

So, this is a different trip to NY.

It is a work trip.

I am working with my friend, Karen Carpenter (the other fabulous Karen Carpenter director and angel of Love, Loss and What I Wore) on a super secret, sexy project.

So, I have been compiling, writing...and sneezing...I have some fucking summer sinus thing....fuck you sinus thing.

I haven't had the desire to see any big shows...and running in Hubert Hsu down here....who is seeing 14 shows in one week made me feel quite inadequate, I gotta tell you.

The first night I got here and waited for Thom to be done Priscilla Queen of the Desert....yes, I am staying with my bestie, Thom...who I have missed like I miss my favourite blue suit from when I was 8....god, I loved that suit...and I love Thom more.

He is like a breath of fresh air in a stinky, horrible nuclear-day-after-world.


Yup, I do mean that.

He is doing wonderfully down here...and he has his first 'own' apartment in many years...I don't think he would mind me saying he is a true gypsy subletter.

It is in Harlem.

135th and Lenox, bitches.

The first thing I heard when I walked alone out of the building, by myself, my first morning here was..."Well, yes, big city girl"...I know it was directed at me...I took it as a compliment.


So, back to me waiting for Thom to be done his first night.....I went and sat at the end of the bar at Don't Tell Mama's and ordered a wine and read my Time Out New York to make some small plans for the week.

The waiters were ornery...the Nebraska beauty queen I was sitting near was more ornery...and the gay dude at the end of the bar let us all know within the first few minutes he sat down that he was a writer on a very famous sitcom set in NY and he was just exhausted from working all day.

I was back.

I love Don't Tell Mama's...and it doesn't disappoint...the ornery...yes, I love this word....dude on the piano was the same dude who would not let me sing for hours last year, when I was promoting my show and after I did he conceded that I was 'okay' ....again, I love New York.

After sitting and listening in the back of my mind for a while whilst reading my mag I heard a pure tenor and I looked waiter was singing.

He must be about 20.

He sang Daniel by Elton John.

He was spit shone with recently combed hair, a plaid shirt and converse sneakers.

I could picture him as Curly in Oklahoma at his highschool.

Here he was in New York.

I wondered what would become of him.

I wonder.

The next night I went to Joe's Pub to see Justin Bond.

You see, it was exactly a year since I did my show there.

I wanted to go...and I have always wanted to see Justin Bond.

He was rapturous.

In his gold lame cocktail dress and black wrap around heels.

Singing his original songs, killing me with his wicked humour.

It made me happy/sad.

Oh....and Justin Bond's guest that night?

Carole Pope...who has moved to New York...sigh.

I wish we had more places like this in Canada.

Where artists could really be who they are and discover their truths and refine their art. Buddies in Bad Times in amazing....Maggie just opened her pubaret....but we are so far behind...there are 100 rooms here.

I have hope but it was happy/sad.

I feel a change is at hand for me.

There have been so many many opportunities that I have had since my show here last year, that it feels like a million years since I did my show there.

I don't know what the change is, but I am open.

I write...I look through my old work...I look forward to writing new work....but change is coming...I can feel it.

I open my arms...and my heart...and try not to resist.

Tonight, I will see Liza fucking Minnelli live...for the first time...and Sandra Bernhard, who's first show was a great inspiration to me...

I keep working.

And Europe is 7 weeks away.

What the fuck. Life is good. Thank you, Universe.

(If this sounds melancholy...remember...I am on cold pills.)

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