Friday, June 24, 2011

OKAY! Maybe it is the rain....maybe it is the PMS...

Has the world lost it's mind?

Has it?

The title of this blog may tell you what the state of mine is...and it isn't New York, people.

(That is the lamest joke, I think I need another RAINSHOWER of DEATH to clear my head...NOT!)

You know how I try NOT to rant...well, maybe you don't...but I really do...and then shit just piles up and I cannot stop myself.

Here are just a few things that have happened in the last week that have made me freak out.

(And know that I was just trying to get to other work and COULD not stop myself from writing..sick)

Okay...I really don't get why this 'Rob Ford not coming to Pride Day' pisses me off so much...I mean, I do and I don't.

But it begs the question, really, do we want him there?

I know the gesture would be a good olive branch, if you will. (Fancy)

BUT, are we really surprised?

This man showed us who he was before the 905ers voted that boob into the mayor's office...his infamous bullying video on Youtube...where he tried to say he was bullied first...either way, good to know his reaction to pressure situations.

Here it is...

Can't you just picture him and the other guy as 12 year olds before they hung that guy by his tighty, white-ies?

(Oh my proud is his family of that...and he STILL got voted in...they can talk about it at the cottage.)

Oh, and there is his humble, smart, insightful and thoughtful interview with the CBC on the day after he was elected...gosh, he cares about the job, huh ?(And I don't really think he knows what Tea Party means...that being said...neither do I...think me stupid if you will, but I'm not the effing mayor)

But the ugliest and surest signs of who he truly is are listed below. These following things truths I read in many articles about Rob Ford but was said best in an article from the Globe and Mail.

1. When he was a city councillor, he once railed against spending money on AIDS prevention.

2. He was the only leading candidate in last year’s campaign for mayor who did not attend Pride.

3. He declined to come to a ceremony marking an international day opposing homophobia.

Here is the article.

He is a red neck boob.

Yesterday, when I wrote on twitter that because he is an elected official, declining to agnowledge a community within our city he should quit or be fired...this is the response I got from one individual.

"@tothe_core @sharronmatthews U should stfu,if he wasn't going to a bikeathon, no one would complain, he has family and wants to spend it with them."

I found it ever so lovely that he compared a community to a sports event.

I also loved that he told me to STFU.

Which I decided to take that it was calling me a Super Timely Fabulous Uberdiva....but again...that is just me.

So, Rob Ford....enjoy your time at the cottage...we will be better without you.

Frankly, the thought of you getting wetted by squirt guns is enough to give one MUCH pause.

Although, if he does decided to show, I hope he comes as this....

Now, another thing that has crawled into my craw in the last few days...and I don't know, again, if it is the PMS or what...

When did music become about women putting on bikinis and rolling around on floors...beds...the tops of cars...trees (that is my personal fave....remember how your bathing suit would get catches on it if you sat on the concrete? Imagine what a tree does to a swimsuit....just saying)...basically rolling around...talking about how they are gonna get you off.

Somewhere, in her grave, Janis Joplin is vomiting...and a bit wishing it was her.


Ladies, don't lie, we all watch and think...'I am disgusted by that...why is she selling her body...can she even sing?...GOD, I wish I had an ass like that."

Don't lie...we all do...a bit, at least.

I do wonder if, before videos, this person would have had a career....

"Cause I'll be table dancing,

This is your chance to get with me...

On the table dancing,

That's where romance is

When you're with me..."

Oh my lord....jesus wept. (And then bought tickets to my show on July 23rd and 24th at Buddies in Bad Times...yes, I will perform this song. Okay, maybe I won't....but I will probably talk about it.)




It is just too much skank and not enough music, in my books.

But remember...I put a disclaimer out there...I love Britney Spears....still there is just no winning with me....but I do think the skank factor has risen to a point that Stevie Nicks is considering doing a song called "Eff Me Up The Pooper" wearing one, long, see-thru pashmina.

And last, but not least....

Remember that actor from the Green Mile...the super creepy one who ends up peeing his pants and going into a mental institution?

This guy.

He just married a 16 YEAR OLD BEAUTY QUEEN.

He is 51.

What the fuck is happening?


Here is a little article about it, with gotta read it...and it is like she is posing for Playboy.

I love that one of her upcoming singles is called "Don't Put It On Me"...there are so many jokes here my head just exploded....literally, EXPLODED!!!!

And her mother signed the parental consent form to get her famous...married!!! Married.


What is happening?


What is?

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