Friday, November 18, 2011

Dry heave Massage and Getting Recognized.

So, today, for the first time I was recognized by someone I have never met for Canada Sings.

I am not going to lie to you...I am going to be truthy...or whatever the fuck people call is nice to be noticed.

It just is...anyone who says it isn't "Jennifer Aniston Famous" and sick of sick of it that they have to fly to their private island for some seclusion.

There you have it.

Truthiness is scary.

Today, I was looking forward to a spa day...I have never really had one...but I am feeling a bit run it is time.

I went for a fabu massage...that left me feeling...nauseous after...I really think it was great...but I dry heaved in the parking lot..had to cancel the following mani/pedi and brow/ moustache waxing....and then when George picked me up I cried because I can't even seem to relax correctly right now...there is a correct way to do this...and as a Virgo I feel that is is my job to find this perfect way.

So, in my dog walking coat covered in fur, my track pants covered in messy paw prints, my fave black hat that has seen better days and my rain boots...George took me to my fave breakie place in my new country home town. (I am not writing where it is just in case I suddenly become so famous that I get stalked...of course I think it is at the top of my Facebook page....hum.)

I ate steak and eggs.

I have never done this before....but I was feeling less sickie and decided I needed a meal of a lumberjack it seems...

I ate too much...homefries and all, people.

Then I told George I had to go lie down in the car...because I felt sickie again...suprise....and as I near the door a man who looked like he (and I think he would agree with me on this) would rather watch sports than a reality show about singing and dancing stopped me with a great excitement in his eyes...remember that I am filled with a precarious amount of steak and eggs....and he asked me if I was the girl....yes, girl...loves....from Canada Sings.

I was so gobsmacked I almost said no....why? I have no idea.

He then told me how much he loved the show...he saw every episode....and he takes his three daughters to dance class every week. Loves this as well.

Then he asked me if I was passing through town...when I said that I lived in this country town he seemed surprised.

Then a lady passed me a magazine...I have no idea where she came from...but she told me this was her magazine and she would love to interview me.

I was happy...with the steak churning in my I made my way out...and sat in the car.

George came a few minutes later and said that after I left the gentleman mentioned that they didn't get a lot of celebrities (um...who? me? what? I love it. I do. Truthy) in this town.

If you can guess this town I live in this will make you laugh.

And I did not puke on these people...thank god.

Some of the fine facial work I did on the show....

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