Thursday, November 10, 2011

Opening Day of Seussical....Yes, Day.

It has been a while, I know.

Since I arrived back from fancy Europe I have been lax.

First I went to ground...I'm sorry, I meant to the country.

Our version, mine and George's, of the country...where a Shoppers Drug Mart is a short 5 minute walk away and yet we still drive the car because there is so much parking.

Today is the opening day of Seussical at the fabu YPT.

I am excited.

We have the student opening this afternoon and the public opening tonight.

Two openings.



I am excited and usual.

This process has been joyful and busy.

I did a number of shows while we rehearsed, so I had to take a couple days off...but I was sad to leave when I did.

Happy that the shows in Burnaby went well!!! Love it there...but sad to leave rehearsal.

You see...the life of a solo performer is a bit lonely.

I love my Cooch...but there is only so much one can take of a person they aren't married to....while in fancy Europe...and I mean this on HIS end...Cooch was, and is, unfailing helpful to me...but I am a lot to handle, people.

So, you end up spending a great deal of time on your own...especially because I was sick and all this summer.

Working with a bunch of people...well, that is just the limit.

So many people to chat with, to create with (eff you, judgers.), to be in the same boat with.

And this cast is just amazing....led by the fantastic Allen MacInnis...I would do anything for Allen, don't tell him for eff sakes...but I would.

We all love this show and had an amazing journey to the day that is today...I think I can speak for all...I mean, putting together a show is never easy...especially a musical that is sung through...and doing it in two and a half weeks....really.

Again, I am excited about today...excited about opening...about the run...and getting to spend a couple precious holiday months with my dear George.

What could be better?

Here are a couple pics of us!

The group shot ended up a bit dark...but you get the picture...THE PICTURE!!!


Come on out and see our little is selling like hotcakes.


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