Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dear Christie Blatchford...yes, I know I said I would not read her again....

Now, any of you who have followed what I write here and there...and thank you for that...might remember that I promised that I would never read Blatchford's column again after she told us that we were crappy for mourning the death of Jack Layton in whatever way we saw fit.
As a side bar, I love that she writes for the paper that endorsed that nincompoop, Rob Ford...stay classy, National Post.
But then I saw some posts on twitter and online about the article she wrote today about Toronto being a city of sissies.
What the fuck?
I tried very hard to not read it but when one friend of mine called her a cunt on twitter and then another highly respected artistic director mentioned on Facebook that she could go fuck herself...I thought it might be time to look at the article.
And I did.
I am not going to post a link here because that makes me feel dirty...suffice it to say that I just about fucking died when I read it.
I really though we were moving forward with the fight for gay rights, human rights...simple fucking rights...until Rob Ford got elected...and now after reading an article printed in a national newspaper that states the writer was "mortified and appalled" by having to watch young boys hug each other...I feel that we are in grave danger of falling very far back.
This article is trash and should be on the bottom of the kitty litter box ASAP.
And it propagates hate.
It tells people that it is not okay to different.
It tells people that being sensitive and loving is bullshit and is embarrassing. Not just men...people.
And, Blatchford goes on to say she loves gay men as any other woman does....and I counter, no, I don't think you do. If you did you wouldn't have written this article.
And isn't that like a racist saying "Some of my best friends are (fill in your own religion, race or whatever here)"
After reading this article and seeing that stupid Rick Perry video I find that bashing anyone who is LGBT has become one of the last acceptable bigotish things to do.
Again, as I said earlier this week, if y ou insert "Jew" or "black" or "Japanese" in any of these sentences it is not accepted and in some ways...or all ways...a hate it not?
Christie fucking suck.
And I hope your gay friends never get the chance to act fey or lisp in front of you again.
And I love that she holds the Ford Brothers up as paragons of masculinity.
Jesus wept.
I love when a news organizations is that transparent.
NOW, I will never read you again.

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