Sunday, December 04, 2011

UFC in the high schools. Rob and Doug Ford astound with their nincompoopishness...again.

So, I try very hard to not get hepped up over the newest, latest hair brained idea that is coming out of the mayors office, although it is hard to hear about them because in a move usually reserved for the school grounds at recess, Rob Ford is pretending that the Toronto paper with the biggest circulation doesn't exist.
Sidebar: I spent sometime on Rob Ford's Facebook page in the last couple days, and wonder of horrifying wonders, there are some people who think he is doing a great job. Most of these people have resorted to name calling ("leftards"...can you even say that?) to put their points across and the others have yet to provide me with a link to the story/interview with the student who was bullied by Rob Ford (published by the National Post who, incidentally, endorsed Rob Ford for mayor on October 22nd, if we are following the rules set out by the Ford this publication to be trusted?) and these people just talk about the article over and over...and Facebook-Highfive each other for making inane points.
Sidebar over.
Tonight after attending a super fun tree trimming party I came home and got on the old FB and saw an article about Rob and Doug (Bob and Doug....why am I only seeing this now?) asking a school board to consider instituting a UFC (the very bloody sport of ultimate fighting....very violent and very angry) based and branded program in their schools.
The brochure makes a point about saying that the UFC would like to promote their brand at a grassroots level.
Holy mother of Jesus god wept and passed out....and then called mother nature and she peed herself.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Yes, let us promote violence in schools...for marks and grading.
What an awesome, well thought out idea....let us get those kids all ramped up for we cut 400 jobs from the Toronto Police Force...they can handle that...oh, wait....
Why not put them in an orchestra, or a have to work together in a group to do that...and instead of the outcome of the UFC thing ...which would be learning how to would have young people who know about music...history (which will repeat itself unless we learn from it...or some such thing)...the classics...knowing how to problem solve and work in a group dynamic....peacefully.
What a freaking concept.
But we know how those two guys feel about those airy fairy things....huh?
Do you feel like we are living in a freaky episode of the Twilight Zone when you read about these buffoonish ideas that would only be approved by Biff from Back to the Future?
What the fuck is going on here?
But those people...the ones on his Facebook page will vote him back in...lord in the sky...we gotta do!
Here is the it...and after you recover from passing out...repost.
Oh, and check out his Facebook page...and write things...that will get taken down everyday ( I wonder how much of our tax dollars go to the guy or gal who is making sure nothing negative stays posted about him on any and all of his social is astounding)

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