Friday, March 02, 2012

Bravura Concert March 9th FREE!!!

Hey All!!!
Hope this day finds you well!
It is raining out here on the West Coast...but lovely...I hear it is freakishly warm in TO!! Can't wait to get back!!!
My last day out here in Vancouver ( I cannot call it some have suggested to me...I just can' is too classy for that :) )...I have loved the experience of working with Purdy's. They are really one of the hardest working teams we have ever had the pleasure to meet...go PURDY'S!! GO!!!
Now, the reason for this blog is that my dear husband, George Masswohl, has been working on his fabulous bartitone trio, Bravura for a while now and things are turning HOT HOT HOT!!
They are going into the studio later this month record their first album and before that they are heading up to the gorgeous Richmond Hill Centre to shoot a video of some of their show...and they thought, "What a nice thing it would be to offer it for free!"
And so they did....
On March 9th, George along with his band mates Curtis Sullivan and Lawrence Cotton and musical director Anthony Bastinon will grace that lovely in north TO!!
I know I am married to George and all...and you might think me biased...but these guys are amazing...and would love to have a packed house!! It is worth getting in a car and making the trip...really.
I have seen EVERYONE of their shows, and they are a crowd pleasing, handsome bunch of fabulous singers...So, here is the poster...the show is an hour long and is an afternoon concert, starting at 2:00pm....

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Renelle said...

Hi Sharon! Went to your husband's concert yesterday and they were fabulous. They really have great stage presence and my friend and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Amazing to hear such talent and all for free!!