Tuesday, October 23, 2012

So much TV, So little sleep, Such a great deal of sarcasm.

This self portrait is called "Yes, I took 12 pictures to get this one...I am a mess."

My tour is over...officially...and I am so effing tired I could...oh wait...I just passed out.
I am a bit blue, happy, hungry, full, antsy, comatose, expectant...I, basically,  have all the feelings...
So many awesome things happened in the last 3 months ...topped by the amazing trip to South Africa (did you hear that I was there? and when my pal, Mike, flew out to SOUTH AFRICA to surprise me....TO SOUTH AFRICA!!! THAT is good people. We love him.
There are so many stories to tell...but I have a few thoughts that have crossed my mind since I got home...not a lot of substance...just things that gave me pause.
I can't wax poetical...I am too effing tired...but I can be cheeky and sarcastic...that doesn't take much.
Remember, a lot of the following comes from my need to become a hermit after a tour and watch as much TV as a person can take...and talk to no one for days...and be judgemental. 
I would thank you to please keep all that in mind.

1. I felt the need to watch "The View" this morning just to be pissed off at whatever that effing Elizabeth Hasslebeck had to say about that debate last night. (Obama smoked that "Over-50-Over-Tanned-Ken-Doll", Romney, who had NO IDEA what he was talking about...ever...he would be an awesome president...OPPOSITE DAY...and his official shoe? The FLIP FLOP! BURN!!!) 
In the end I didn't watch The View...it was for the best...I hate her. 
(If I have the compulsion again later I can watch it on Rogers on Demand.)

2. I watched "Rock Of Ages" on the plane back from Johannesburg...which was a 16 hour flight. 
There was 90 minutes of watching the movie and  then 14 and a half hours of wishing I was on Twitter so I could say something smart ass, like... "The only reason I kept watching Rock Of Ages is because I was trapped on a plane...a Plane WITHOUT Snakes to distract me from this crappola movie." OH MY LORD!! WHAT WAS TOM CRUISE DOING!?!? Besides RUINING A MOVIE!!! So many non singers...so little time...wait!! I had 14 and a half hours to think of it. The crowning glory? WHENEVER Mary J. Blige sang anything. She is awesome...you know who is not awesome? Tom Cruise. And Katie had to ESCAPE from her marriage to him. ESCAPE. Which I could not do from this movie...because I was on a plane.

3. I love the Voice. The new format rocks. That is all.

4. Oh, and Mary J. Blige is a mentor on The Voice. You know who is not a mentor on The Voice? Tom Cruise.

5.  I love anything musical on the ole TV. Especially when my home and native land takes the chance to feature musical people. 'Over the Rainbow' features two of my dear friends as judges...Thom Allison and Louise Pitre. They are awesome and beautiful on the show. I enjoy watching them every week. I have one bone to pick...PLEASE STOP WITH THE DANCERS!!! PLEASE. Just let these sweet girls sing. That is all. 

6. Robert Carlyle is weird on "Once Upon A Time". 
And not a good weird.
That being said, I love "Once Upon A Time".
THAT being said, I would like to point out how ABC/Disney has thrown EVERY character from one of their animated movies into the cast soup to remind you to buy the disk...before it goes back into the Disney Vault FOREVER.  Mulan, really? Come on. I am now waiting for the Anika Noni Rose Frog to appear....with Tom Cruise.

7. I cried 8 times watching my 2 PVR'd episodes of "Grey's Anatomy". Will this craziness ever end? I cannot get enough.
I do love how Sandra Oh's character pointed out that a lot of bad things happen to people who work at Seattle Grace...like all those people who lived in Jessica Fletcher's small town on "Murder She Wrote" (not my joke...can't remember whose.)

8. I have only been home about 24 hours and that is how much TV I have watched. See. This is what I do. Back to "The Voice"....I have 4 more eps. to watch...

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