Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sharron and George's SUPER FUN Christmas Sing-a-Long!!

Awesome Budget Poster...done by...me! Picture by Mike Bickerton

So, picture it...
George and I are in Scotland...it is August...and VERY un-scottishly warm. Me in my track pants, George in his "GOLD" TShirt....laying down for an early afternoon (we are fucking exhausted from selling and doing the show) nap. George looks up from his IPAD..."I would like to do something fun and see all our friends at Christmas...at Buddies...I would." And he looks back at his IPAD.
Then he looks back up into the heavens, "We should host a sing-a-long....people love to sing-a-long at Christmas...there will be song sheets and drinks...and cookies...that would be great." And he falls asleep from exhaustion.
What a grand idea.
We love Christmas.
We love community.
We love singing...and singing with our friends.
So, here we are!
Buddies is on board (we love), our special guests (who we shall announce in all due time) are on board, and we are very excited!
We are doing it in Tallulah's, which is my fave room...but seating is limited!  
All the info is on the poster, above!!!
Call 416 975 8555 OR it will be available online ASAP! It will be on the Calendar here...if it is not there now...go back later today....

Everyone will get a song sheet!
The fun we will have is beyond recognition...REALLY!!!
I hope to see you there...CHRISTMAS!!!
Shar xoxox 

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