Thursday, November 22, 2012

First Guest Announcement and Things that make you go AHHHHH!

Please be advised that the following blog contains some strong views, thoughts and, maybe, language...and all these things might cause you to defriend me (see the blog just before this one for explanation)...but I will have to get the eff over it and persevere. 
I just got something to say...which ends with the announcement of our fabulous first guest for George and Sharron's SUPER FUN Christmas Sing-A-Long. 
This first thing has NOTHING to do with our show, just FYI.
So, you can bypass this and scroll down...but when does one get a good surprise? Huh? 
I say, read ON!!! 
So, I am not sure if anyone is following along BUT I made a grand statement (one of many...I am sure) that I WOULD NOT watch XFactor US because it is about the sleaziest singing reality show there is...after that poor young man who had sung with Britney earlier in both their careers...who clearly and sadly had a drug problem...showed up on the show and they let him make a mess of himself in front of millions of people...and then it put Britney in a horrible position.
It was horrible.
But tonight, I'm ashamed to say, I watched about 20 minutes. 
I saw enough for the rest of my life.
If anyone saw my touring show this year...they know how I feel about those Kardashians...famous for nothing but their money and...and their asses. Congrats on that....oh, and maybe their hair...and Kim's sex video.
Now, one of the ones that is not Kim,  not Other Kardashian...but Whatshername hosting the show...with Mario Lopez. Hosting. One more time. Hosting.
It is like watching a clown car accident.
She can barely speak...let alone read.
Her Momager, Kris, must be proud.  
What a fucking...
Anyhow...tonight you saw Kim in the audience with Kanye...again, what the fuck...waving at her miscast sister as she ambled around the set with a disbelieving Mario Lopez at her side.  You can feel the poor guy doing his best to NEVER look at her...never. He is mentally reading through his contract through the whole show...wondering how the eff this happened.
And then the talent came on.
Oh my, sweet Jesus.
It is too much.
The sob is just horrible...and then making the performers watch the sob stories and then kicking their asses out onstage.
Two most horrible moments of the 20 minutes. (Besides anything involving Whatshername Kardashian.
1. The bleach blonde girl whose story was all about her sister who had passed away...and they sent her onstage to sing "Wind Beneath My Wings" or the equivalent and she was balling through the whole song...trying to keep her shit together. The poor thing. The kept showing shots of her family sobbing in the audience. (Yes, I know a lot of shows do this...but is seems especially creepy and over used on this the 20 minutes I saw.)
2. The 12 year old who sang the Snow Patrol Song...not very well...shoot me...and then right near the end...she walked into the stream of a WIND MACHINE...her hair was all blowing...and then while she was being critiqued there was a fucking leaf in her hair...from the set...with the WIND MACHINE. Lord Love a DUCK.
It I said...horrible.
And I hated myself the whole time.
And may we the risk of being...well...what the heck happened to Simon's face? I saw him on the show a month or two ago and it was fine..and now...something is odd.
I even googled "Simon's Face" and got about 100 000 hits. (That being said...if something ever happens to my face and you google it...please don't tell me.)
Jesus...I will never watch that crap again...I promise. 
And that Demi Lovato sounds and looks like a right biznatch. No?
She is there talking about how someone's performance is boring and predictable...dear Demi...I googled you...and the pot has called...and if you didn't are the kettle.
Rant over.
Harsh? Maybe? I just had to.
On another tiny sidebar/note did you hear this little tidbit today?
Susan Boyle's "people" (lord, she has people)  announced on twitter that Susan Boyle was having a release party for her new album...the hash tag was:
Read that a couple times.
Holy snot.
How wonderful.
Who knew.
And on that note! 
WE are so excited about "Sharron and George's SUPER FUN Christmas Sing-A-Long!"...the response has been amazing and there is only a handful of tickets left.
People are chatting about what kinda Christmas cookies they might what Christmas sweater they might what songs we might be singing together! 
PLEASE go to my @sharronmatthews or George's @georgorama twitter account and tell us the songs you wanna sing!! Or to the Facebook event page  
We are open to all suggestions!
We want people to sing songs they love!
So, not only will there be awesome singing along...but there will be amazing artists to entertain you as well...and our first guest to announce for the SUPER FUN show is...wait for saw her in so many awesome shows...but everyone knows her as the Killer Queen from "We Will Rock You"...

Ms. Alana Bridgewater!!!
George and I chatted with her, and her gorgeous daughter, when we were all standing in line waiting to see the final show of "Over The Rainbow" and when we asked her to be a part of the SUPER FUN show, she agreed RIGHT THERE. 
She is so pretty.
And one of the best vocalists in this country, people.  
What a way to start the guest announcing, huh?
So, as I said earlier, we only have a handful of kidding...and I don't want anyone to be go buy them online RIGHT NOW, people!
Don't forget, the show date is December 20th at Buddies.
It is already shaping up to be an audience of excellent people!
I hope Whatshername Kardashian shows up.



Meesh said...

"All you need is love" - the Beatles...

I know it's not technically a Christmas song, but I always think of it as one since "Love Actually"

and I envision a room full of beautiful, talented Toronto showbiz people quietly singing "love, love, love" and swaying...

oh FUCK... I'm crying already.

Maybe not...

Sharron Matthews said...

It is on the list, Meesh!!!!