Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Shows, Monkey and a STOLEN Christmas TREE!

So, we are in it, people.
December 12th...the 12th day of the 12th month of the 12th year. I went into the Roots at the Cambridge Outlet Mall just before closing last night and the sales girl ran at me and got all up into my personal space...or my grill as the rappers say...and basically yelled in my face that she had JUST gotten an email from head office and since tomorrow was 12/12/12 they were going to do 25% off for the whole day...because, like, it only happens once a, since they had already changed all the signs they would extend that deal to me. I was terrified...I am sure the young lady meant well...but she seemed so freaked out by 12/12/12 that it passed onto me.
I had NO idea what the eff she was talking about. NO IDEA.
Then she told me...whatevs...but I did get 25% off on a sweatshirt. SUCCESS! SCORE!
AND now we are on that nonstop freaky ride straight into is coming and there is nothing to do but pour a scotch and hang the eff on!
Happily, our (George's and My) SUPER FUN CHRISTMAS SING A LONG on the 20th is SOLD OUT!! We do have a handful of standing room tickets that will go on sale just before show if you wanna come and don't have a ticket line up early!! AND if you DO have your ticket already, the doors open at get there early and get your seat and drink...and cookie...and song sheet...oh, my lord...the fun we will have!!
Now, besides the amazing Alana Bridgewater, the fabulous duo of Michael Hughes and Ari Weinberg...and three surprise guests...we have onboard...after a wonderful FB feed on my page asking for a Ukelele player...the Goddess of the Ukelele, JUDY MARSHAK!!

I would like to thank Ms. Charlotte Moore who helped me out with this...and berated me at the same time...just like a dominatrix...mrow...thanks Charlotte!!    
Michael Hughes has initiated a Food Bank Drive for the night, as well...since we have so many people, why not help out some others this season? So, please, if you can, bring a can or a perishable item and Michael will be there at the door to collect it from you! How wonderful, thanks to you, Michael!
ALSO, I have a show at the beautiful Richmond Hill Centre for the Arts this Thursday the 13th...TOMORROW... it is my only FULL Xmas show this year...and I am super excited about it! The show is at 7:30pm and the doors are at 6:30pm...there are NO advance tickets...first come first served!! So, come on up to Richmond Hill...have a nosh at one of the fabu restaurants around there and we will do up some Christmas!! 
Here is a link to the Richmond Hill site!

Two more things...David Sparrow, actor, ACTRA councilor and bon vivant had one of the yew trees on his lawn chopped the eff down. SOMEONE came on the lawn and hacked it off and stuck it in their car and went...can you believe that?
Here is a picture...

Unbelievable. Sadly, I think it is gracing the living room of fraternity near one of you! (I have heard tales...) Just so not Christmas-ie at all!!
So, boo to those people and sorry to Dave Sparrow that this happened!!! NOT CHRISTMAS-IE!!

One other thing.
That Ikea Monkey thing just makes me sad. The poor animal was put in a fucking coat and stuck in a store...lucky not to be killed.
And then someone photoshopped, that boob, Rob Ford's head on the poor thing...

I don't know what is worse...
Poor Monkey.

Happy Holidays ALL!!!  
And I hope to see you soon!  
UNLESS you are Rob Ford...then I hope to see you never...unless it is the back side of you as you are leaving politics FOREVER.

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