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Cabaret-Artist-In-Residence! 2012 ends with a bang!! What the?

December 29th, 2012.
That sounds like a year they would name in Star Trek and I would think, “That sounds like one million years away...I would be so old in that year...if the world even exists that long!”
I was a bit on the dark side as a child....
2012 has been a killer year.
It started with my second season on the ever awesome, Canada Sings! AGAIN, the teams and the people were wonderful and hardworking. 

Matte Babel, myself, Christian and the wonderful ladies and gents of the RCAF 

Christian, myself, Scott and Kelly at our Red Cam fancy....what a fabu day!
AGAIN, I was inspired by their bravery and their openness to try something TOTALLY outside their comfort zone. I always love working with the gang at Insight and the people at Global...and was challenged by the work of Kelly Konno and Scott Henderson...and so pleased to work with my dear partner, the wonderful Christian Vincent on our pieces...we traveled ALL over Canada in 6 weeks...all over. It was a wonderful 4 month journey...and with that spirit I moved into the rest of the year. Fancy.

George and I did some traveling/touring this year...did we ever, mama...we saw some awesome and amazing  things...

George and I at Sharp's Bay with fabu pic taken by Cooch

George and I in the Pleasance Courtyard after a long day of work...

George at Portobello Beach in Scotland...

Cooch and George at a restaurant in Edinburgh...after a long day of work....

Out front of our fave bar...where I learned to drink Scotch....and they lent us a stool for the entire run of the show in Edinburgh...the door to our flat is between Huw and Myself....and there is Cooch...hiding behind a tree...

Us in front of Big looks like it is photoshopped but it is not!

In front of 10 Downing Street...for reals....
Our pal Tober and George at the Tower Bridge in London....
Us in front of Buckingham Palace....pic by Cooch!
In September, while in NY,  George and I went to ....

George loved Strawberry Fields.

Then to the Museum of Natural History...

Robben Island in South AFrica....

Performed in some really cool places...

The Taj Hotel in South Africa, where I did my show.

Met and worked with some amazing artists and producers...

Me and Cooch...stunned!

Michael Hughes, Cooch and Myself at Sandy Bells's in Edinburgh

TEAM GOLD!! Huw Allen, Rob Harris, George and Cooch at Maloney's in Edinburgh

Dressing Room mates at the Pleasance....Mike McShane, Me, Cooch, The ladies and gents in The Middle!

Cooch, Dean Pitchford (he wrote Footloose and Fame), Seth Rudetsky and Myself at the taping of Seth's radio show on Sirius show in NY!!

Chris Green, Cooch, Rob Langston and Myself in Cape Town.

Me and Cooch at Buddies in Bad Times in TO

George, myself and Rob Langston in Betty's Bay in Africa

Marc Lottering, Godfrey Johnson, Chris Green, Cooch and Myself at the Taj Hotel in Cape Town.

We saw some stellar had been a special and singular year, my friends...and I am so happy that George and I went glad.
I’ve been amazed and inspired...and sometimes, yes, effing pooped OUT!
In 2012, after three years of touring my shows around the world, I performed GOLD 50 times...which is pretty amazing for a cabaret/comedy show. I was usually lucky to get 3 or 4 nights out of a show...that first year, 2010, when I did my show 14 times at the Edinburgh Fringe it was a frigging revelation.
“Wait...I can try and perfect this thing?!?”
Every night is a new audience and a new discovery...I change the parts that didn’t work...rehearsing it during the day and putting in the new stuff that night...just thrilling.
This year I didn't change the show at all during the run...the frame work stayed the same...and the stories got worked and was a triumph in my heart...I was very proud.
And in 2012, I was invited to go to Africa...AFRICA, people...which was an amazing experience...thanks to Eddy for bringing me the Baxter Theatre, with it’s screaming audience of 1000. See? Singular.Two days after I arrived home from Africa I woke up and thought, well, what now?
You guys know I am not one who likes to sit still.
What now, indeed.
My friend, Chris Green, who is a cabaret star in Europe, inspired me...he plays many characters and tours his shows all over Europe and Australia...and he has done so for a while. He has radio shows and TV appearances...he came up around the same time Graham Norton did in London...and he is fearless in his work. He plays at 40 something North American bible belt pop singer... and 80 year old rap phenom...and a Singing just name a few things...and this year he is the Artist-in-Residence at the British Library. Chris and I met in South Africa at the Variete Festival...and, along with the other artists in the festival,  spent most of our mornings in the dining room at the Cape Sun Hotel languishing over a long breakfast, talking about what we would do that day...and what we do in life. Chris has long been exploring his creativity...and he was at the Edinburgh Festival in his 20's, doing his one person shows. I found myself a bit jealous of him...that he got to start so early...that he had access to so many mentors and examples. Don't get me wrong...I don't think anything was given to him...this is a man who is very self motivated...he has made his own work for many years.  We talked about how wonderful it was to have a base to work from, that place being the British Library...and I started to think...and think...
We talked about cabaret festivals, working around the world...what work is like in Canada...I thought about how wonderful it would be to bring artists like Chris Green to Canada....and I thought...and thought...
I thought about how I want to try some different things...I want to use a band for my shows...and I want to spend more time rehearsing with them...I want to try darker tales...I want to go to deeper places...I want...I want...
Some of my favorite performances to be a part of while on tour are/were the variety shows...8-10 acts ...all so different... all storytellers ... monologuists ...clowns... dancers ... comedians...musicians...puppeteers...burlesque artists... sword swallowers...I learned so much from those nights...and I made new friendships...and was totally inspired by all the storytelling I experienced...those were amazing nights...I thought and thought...
And then I went to Brendan Healy at Buddies in Bad Times...the home to almost all of my shows and sponsor of most of my tours...and made a proposal.
As of March 2012, I will be the first Cabaret-Artist-in-Residence at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre...and, to my knowledge...the first Cabaret-Artist-in-Residence in Canada. I am not trying to get all fancy and "look at me"...well, anymore than I usually am...a  gal has got to make some noise!!...but the "Cabaret" part is very is my focus and my is the area in which I am trying to effect a solo artist and as a curator, host, producer, writer, arranger and creator.
I am effing super excited about it...which is understating the fuck out of it.
I could not be happier to be at Buddies in Bad is the place where I feel like I fit...and I thank all at Buddies for making it so...Brendan, Shawn, Barry, Patricia, Glen, Charissa, Katherine, Adrian, Jazz, LisaJ, Paul, Michael, Mark...all! 
Oh, the things we will do!!!
I have a lot of ideas...
I am starting on March 4th and 5th with a "Cabaret Residency...Cabaret" in Tallulah's...I will do all new material...with a band...and I am very excited to try some new stuff! Holy crap is the beginning of something new!!
Then, on March 11th, I will start something that I am equally excited about. 

"The Happening" Variety Nights...I am not sure if this is the right has nothing to do with that crap Mark Walhberg movie...but I will change it if a better name hits me.
I will book 5 acts...of ALL different my fave nights on tour... comedians... winger/songwriters... magicians... monologuists... name it....they will each have 12 minute slots to do a full arc of a short act...a pianist will be provided for those who sing or would like to use a player to tell their story...and that is what the night is about ... all different types of storytelling. Then there will be a basket at the front of the stage...and you can put your name in...there will be 3 or 4 slots that are "wild card" have to bring your own accompaniment for this...but if you are picked you will have 5 minutes to do your thing....and everyone is welcome...and the whole night is pay-what-you-can.  

These nights, I hope, will inspire cabaret, community, creativity and bravery! 
Come and see something new...come and try something new and be a part of...what? Something new!
So, as I "Cabaret Residency...Cabaret" is on March 4th and 5th and the first two "The Happening" Variety Nights are March 11th and then again on May 12th...I do hope these will become a monthly...happening.
So, there you have it!!
OH! Do you want to be a part of it all?!?
I look forward to hearing from those of you who might like to participate in "The Happening"!
I am going to try and come out and see all that I can...but I also encourage youtube and me at  
I thank all of you who have supported me thus far...and I hope you will continue along with me for a while...or FOREVER....mwah mwah mwah hahahhhha...(was that maniacal laughter clear-ish?) 
What will I do now? Who knows? HOW EXCITING, people!!
Thanks for reading...and a Happy New Year to all!!

May all your wishes come true in 2013. 

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