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So, we have podcasts (more than one...I am EVERYWHERE, people...okay two places), shows, articles...and, I am sorry...but there is a *ROB FORD ALERT!!*
But before I get to the first things ...and I will get to them right away...stealing a thread from my FB page...and if you steal from yourself it is okay...
AND it may be boring to some...but I will try and be brief...and sort of funny...but if not, please...DON'T SUE ME.
It is exhausting... : )

Todays FB Post: (besides a post containing awesome article for an upcoming show...of course) 
I HATE to even give this idiot air time AT ALL...AND about 5 months ago...okay, maybe 3...I decided to give that bumhead NO MORE of my social media energy...BUT someone has got to make Rob Forb answerable to the fact that the Toronto construction and congestion is at an all time high and low...driving across Toronto now can literally take hours with construction or road closures on every main throroughfare and artery IN or OUT of the city. What is usually a 1:45 minute drive from Stratford to Toronto is now 2:30 OR more with the end hour and fifteen dedicated to getting downtown. Getting from the east end to the west end can take JUST AS LONG!! NONE of this could be good for tourism!!! And since he closed down bike lanes, and does not support bike riding in the city, riding a bike can be a hard alternative. HE brags about all the cranes in the air but pays no attention to what is happening on the ground...which I guess is a metaphor for the very public and unbelievable treatment of his own life. GET out! YOU, Ford, and whoever is in charge of maintaining a proper infrastructure need a one way ticket out of this city and need to acknowledge this HORRIBLE PROBLEM. Friday rant done. Drops mic.

THEN I turned over.
ME: What day is it?
Georgie: Saturday.
ME: %$#&*.

(this is a fake FB Thread because I am feeling graphically artistic...or something...and I dig this selfie...I don't do give a gal a break.) 

 Sharron Matthews 
  AND THEN I realized it was Saturday. #actor


ONLY actors don't know it is the weekend...and are still in bed at noon...THOUGH WORKING!! 
What's a weekend?
Who said that, you guys! You know who it is!!!
Gosh, I am a bit manic must be the hair dye...for my roots...I got them did yesterday...and then I almost wrecked my hair guru, Bill's, house...with a water spectacle...lordt...I was just trying to help...THAT is another story...SORRY, BILL! 
The yoga patience is really working for you!

After that post a lot of people chimed in with their opinons...which is awesome! I love a good opinion...and hate  a crap one, to be quite honest.

AND yes, I know it is not totally Ford's fault...AND YES, I know the province is equally to blame.
But here's the brass tacks of it.
I tried to get from the east end to the west TWICE yesterday...and these were some of the main barriers...

1. THAT friggen mess at Leslie and Eastern...lord lift me.
2. The closing of Queen....QUEEN EFFING Broadview!! BROADVIEW!!
3. THAT holy terror of a Tutan...Tut...(googling)...tutankhamun's tomb at Union station on Front!
4. ANY contruction outside of ANY of the 120...120...the most in the world...120 condos being built in this town...
5. The Gardiner was down to one lane EACH WAY!! 
6. The Lakeshore was closed for the Indy.
7. You name a place and there is unexpected cones and contruction.
8. AND is Adelaide still closed at Yonge?

Sidebar: I came into town for a meeting at Buddies a couple of weeks ago and it to 40 minutes...40 effing minutes to get from Front to College on Yonge. I mean, Jesus Wept.



AND Ford it the Mayor (in name only) of this fair city. HE is the one people will look to or curse as the sit on Lakeshore to 10 hours.
I SEE that one of Ford's nephews...who worked for Doug Ford at their family running for office.
Jesus Wept again.

Here is how Michael Ford's credentials as described  in a Toronto Star article...

According to his Facebook page, Michael Ford went to high school in Etobicoke before attending business school at Humber College. His LinkedIn profile says he is expected to graduate in 2016.

Ford, according to Facebook, is a camp counsellor at Camp Kandalore in Haliburton and has been an account executive at Deco Labels and Tags, the family business run by Doug Ford and before him by Doug Ford Sr., also a politician who served as an MPP at Queen’s Park.

Here is the article.

Well, that should about do it!
Please Ford Family. STOP the madness.
You are not the Kennedy clan. You are not even the...well,the lamest political family I can come up with is the Fords.

So, yes, I have been advertising the HELL out of my summer tour!! BUT building an audience, even when you are 45 and fabulous is a CHALLENGE and a full time job!! 
So, please, dear supporters and readers, take the time to read on and if you see something that you or someone you know might like, pass it on.
It is greatly appreciated by this independant touring artist! 
AND I want all of those wonderful presenters to keep taking chances on solo variety artists!
So, that being said, I am rehearsing me butt off for my up coming shows!!
I have gotten some lovely press for them.

THANKS to the Record!
The Elora Festival show is Saturday the 26th at 3:00pm...yes, an afternoon show...and with great care...and even more excitement as I pulled down my repatoire off the book shelves...I chose some wonderful songs that I barely EVER get to do anymore...Into the Woods, Sweeney Todd, Bells are Ringing, Les Miserables, Wild Party, Gypsy, West Side Story...and mixed them in with Broadway style arrangements of the Supremes, Shirley Bassey, Madonna, Queen and so much more!
And yesterday my pal/accompanist Steve Thomas and I rehearsed for hours!!
OH, the fun we are gonna have!! I hope you come on out!!

ELORA FESTIVAL - Sharron's Big Broadway Show

Elora is and hour and twenty six minutes from is a MAP!
The town itself is could make a very wonderful, fancy summer day of it!!

But BEFORE THAT I am super excited about my SUPERSTAR show in Stouffiville at 19 on the Park on Thursday, July 24th!!
I am singing outside, people (unless it rains...then I will be inside...obv.)...but look at how fancy?

AND I am putting a new Beatles AND a new Bruno Mars into the SUPERSTAR show as well as all the requested tunes: Creep, Sweet Child, Hotel California, the Disco Medley and so many more.

19 on the Park Salon Series SHARRON MATTHEWS

What a night it will be!! AND IT IS SO CLOSE TO TO!!

I have had a bunch of people ( and how lovely they are) asking me when my next TO show is! Well, not till October, people!!
So this is it!!!

OH!!! BUT they did a lovely podcast of the highlights latest show (my newest idea for a full cabaret) that I got to try out w/ Brendan Wall.
It is called "Prince and Me" and I did it at the Soulpepper Salon Series. What a wonderful night!
Checks it out, there was a lovely question and answer...and all!!

OH, AND there is an extensive, (I found it a very interesting interview with a very interesting person) podcast that I did with a lady named, Coral Andrews in a bar on the main street in Kitchener, Ontario. I drank scotch, she drank wine...I was getting over a bad I sound after the crack, a bit. (Forgive me, Whitney lovers)
That is right is Saturday and it is least it is in do your macrame and give it a listen!

Coral Andrews PODCAST:
(it may require some scrolling...but it is there!)

And, lastly, but not leastly...
GUESS where I am gonna be on August 6th and 7th!?!?
Doing my toured, acclaimed, international HIT SUPERSTAR show at Brockville's Arts Centre!
Again there will be a new Beatles AND a new Bruno Mars into the SUPERSTAR show as well as all the requested tunes: Creep, Sweet Child, Hotel California, the Disco Medley and so many more.
I would love to see you there...or if you know anyone in the area who might dig the show...PASS IT ON!! It will be fun for all ages! 
All of these shows are CLEAN!! NO SWEAR!!!


Brockville is HERE!! ( I am giving the distance from our nation's capital as a guide!)

THAT is not too far!! 
Are you in Smith Falls? Where they just turned the Hershey Factory into a medicinal marijuana grow op? ( I love listening to the CBC.) COME ON OUT!!

Oh. My. Gawd.
I am exhausted!
To anyone who read this far!?!? 
And have a great day! 
I hope to see you, hug you and sing to you at one of my shows!!
S xoxox


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