Monday, February 20, 2006

Hey All!
I hope this February 20th finds you well.
I could not stop watching the poor ice dancing couple from Canada and their dropping incident over and over again at the gym today . Made me feel sicky in my tummy( as it did the lady in the inappropriate gym outfit beside me on the eliptical).
It is only 3 weeks ( AHH!!!) until my first night at the Gladstone and I am equal parts thrilled and terrified.
I am trying to come up with something awesomely fun for all of us.
I think Patrick and I will succeed in keeping you entertained.
As will our awesome guests ! I am so exctied !
Susan Gilmour was Fantine in Les Mis the first time I did the show in 1991 as a swing and I would watch her sing " I Dreamed a Dream" from the wings every night I wasn't on. Her voice and her wonderful way is one of a kind and I know you will freak.
Thom Allison and I have a long and dirty diva history ...that sounds intriguing, huh? Anyway, no one carry off a song the way he can, it is like listening to a bird I tell you, A BIRD!
You will freak again.
And just when you thought the freakin' was done the surprise guest will arrive.
Oh, I am exhausted thinking about it.
Anyway back to work.
Talk to you soon.


Paul B. said...

Sharon, I think what you are trying to say about the Gladstone is that you are starting to feel excited, well, excited and scared!

C u there!


Sharron Matthews said...

I am excited and scared!!! You musical theatre man.