Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Holy Crap!

I can't believe it is all done till next month!
Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who came out!
You truly made last night a success for me.
All of a sudden I feel like Miss America.
" I'd like the thank...."
Wait a minute, Miss America doesn't get a speech.
Screw it.
For those of you who didn't come I give a little bit of a taste!
Going into a new room is always something that I find a little stressful.
You never know what the challenges are gonna be so ya gotta keep an open mind and a smile on your face.
I was very nervous but I managed to keep it in check as I went about the job of getting the space set up and the sound checked. I would like to deeply thank George ,my husband, and James, Patrick's partner, for being our gophers yesterday.....they did so much running around for the show...I don't know what we would have done without them.
They are such a huge part of the show.
(Shut up!
I am being totally sincere, which I try not to do too often
or people willl forget that I am an performer.)
By the time I started to get ready I had shoved half of a greek salad down my throat .
After I am dressed I like to do a reset of the room and then take a second to breathe.
When that was all done and I was sitting in the green room by myself I was freaked.
I mean, you never know who is gonna show, we don't have advance tickets!
So, George came up to inform me at 7:45pm that it was packed.
" How packed?", I asked.
"They are looking for more chairs."
I felt giddy, thrilled and throwy-uppy all at the same time!
You can imagine how that is.
It was George's idea, he makes me say this, that when I go out and greet everyone before I start ( which is one of my favourite parts) to bring them candy...which went over....all though some seemed to feel bad that I had to wait tables at the same time as do my show.
I could not believe the turn out.
I really still can't believe it.
So many great friends and so many new friends.
The show started well, although Patrick likes a party and it is always hard to find him to get him to the stage.
I had the best view from the stage and the Gladstone room is amazing!
I was so proud to invite Susan Gilmour up to sing.
She sang the crap out of "Coney Island" and an Evita medley.
The peeps couldn't believe their luck.
In the second set up came Thom Allison to sing a song from "The Life " and one from "Children of Eden".
God, his voice is quite thrilling.
Then I led a sing-a-long of Midnight Train to Georgia. That was my favourite part.
I had a young man named Bryce from "Lord Of the Rings" up onstage to be my cue card bitch for that number!
Surprise Guest!
Drum Roll, please.
The lovely and talented Steve Gallagher.
He lit up the room with a self penned monologue into "I'm a Catholic" from Altar Boyz and then " The Kid Inside" .
I wrapped it up with a couple of songs and an encore for which I was very thankful and my fab night came to a close.
Ah.....I felt like Sandy after her date with Danny in Grease.
Then went to Frans and ate a frinken' huge Hamburger with french happy. I ate those happy feelings.
There will be pictures up on my website in the next few days if you are interested!
Hope to see you all there next time and bring friends.
Remember, you don't have to worry if you come to the Party alone....there is always someone to sit with!


Bryce Kulak said...

Hey Sharron, and friends! That was a kick-ass night. Thanks for draggin' me up to be a part of it. I will definitely be back next month to hoot and holler, and be your bitch if you like. Congrats on a successful evening!

Sharron Matthews said...

Hey ..Love your CD!
George and I listened to it in the can be my bitch anytime.
Gonna get in touch with you!

Kent said...

Had a blast. You should try to attract some gays, some actors, and some gay actors to your next gig...

Sharron Matthews said...

Dearest Kent,
You, sir, are a gaylord, sir.

stillrockandroll said...

Hey Sharron! I'm so sad that I didn't know about this until it had already happened :(. I not only adore you but also Thom Allison, Steven Gallagher and Susan Gilmour. What a thrilling evening that must have been. I unfortunately can't go to the April one (exams! :() but I'm definitely going to come to your May show. I think this is wonderful and you are so talented. I wish more people wanted to do stuff like this in Toronto - it's amazing! :)

Sharron Matthews said...

Love the BLOG!!!!
Just had two new people say yes to bein' on Sharron's Party...gonna put it out there in a couple days.
Thanks for the responses, keep them coming! I am reading them all!