Thursday, March 23, 2006

New Guests!

There are more and more people coming here to post and I love it!
I am sooooo multi-media!
Well, here it is...already only 3 weeks and a bit away till the Party.
I am all over excited and have been working my tushy off to bring you the
we have three new guests to announce.
In the next few months we will have Ted Simonett, the face of Canadian Tire for so many years, who has been emancipated and will be singing and chattin' with us in the Ballroom....Have I ever mentioned how much I love that it is called the Ballroom? Enough said.
I am so excited that you will also see Graham Abbey one of Shakespeare's leading men, having played Macbeth and Romeo, straight to us from the Stratford Festival of Canada's production of "Coriolanus" singin' a song or two.
And Miss Jennifer Waiser, who I just love for her work in "Into the Woods" as Little Red and "Urinetown" as Little Sally. She is little too, but filled with belting goodness.
Then, of course, there is the special surprise guests.
Who will they be?
Can you take all the entertainment????
Also, I am working up a few interesting things myself and I have a new clothes sponsor!
Things are moving along just fine, I think.
Cabaret is making a comeback.

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