Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Out East!

I am sitting in a place called the"Paper Chase" at the end of Argyle Street in Halifax trying to do all of my business stuff ! Emailing. Paper reading.
Bloggin' all of the four of you who read this...but it will build up a following. I mean, really, who wouldn't want to read about my comin's and goin's?
Who I ask you?
I just finished the "out east" tour of Tribal Productions
Charlie Brown.
I was Lucy Van Pelt!
I actually am Lucy Van Pelt.
For Real.
I came home one day and said to George
" I am playing myself."
He smiled uncomfortably and went back to making dinner.
I decided to embrace her,
Fury and all.
We played St John, Moncton, Fredricton, Antigonish and , wait for it, Glace Bay.
Glace Bay is then end of the highway. It just drops you there with no hope , the highway that is.
Patrick, my partner in Party crime, was the musical director of CB and we were at a Subway in Glace Bay ( Jared was right, Subway is good) and Patrick was getting his sub done up right and the girl who was the sandwich artist turned to the other sandwich artist and said
"Watch your hand you're gonna burn yourselfssssss!"
( Cause all of the easterners words end with S's)
And guy sandwich artist said
" I don't care, I hate this fuckin' job!"
That kinda sums it all up, right there.
The first bit of the tour was great. St. John, Moncton and Fredricton had great audiences.
But after that?
But now I am Halifax visiting George.
He is in Evita playing Peron.
He is having a great time.
I had never been out here before.
It is very nice.
We rented a car yesterday and drove to Peggy's Cove.
And only 60 people live there.
It is out of time.
Only 5 days till the party!
Can't wait!
Don't forget, You are never alone at the Party!

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