Monday, April 24, 2006

My cups runneth......

How Awesome is life????
Pretty excellent, except for my loving husband Georgie and my gay/fake husband Patrick still being away.... all is pretty good.
I was up until 4:00am last night listening to new music cause I am something of a gaylord for the tunes.
I have about 40 songs that I am choosing from for the next few shows and my little 'songologue' is pretty much written for May 22.
I just finalized the people for the summer till the last date in August, which is the 28th
that date will be ....
drum roll please.....
back by popular demand Thom Alison, woo hoo, we love him and new guests...
Woo hoo...we will be chatting and they will be doing a reading or something fab.
Mary Francis Moore and Alison Lawrence....(the other Bittergirl, Annabel Griffiths, will be having a baby so....not so bitter at the time)will be there representin'.
I am so excited about the line up.
I feel very blessed.
Piss off judgers.....I am allowed to feel blessed under my tough, brassy exterior ( is that spelled right? my spell check is effed!)
Other than is back to taxes and because I am a virgo and love organization....loving taxes a bit...but don't tell Georgie.
OOHHH wait till you see who the surprise guest this month is....I am all a quiver!
I forgot to mention the .....'oh-look-who-came-to-the-party-peeps', people.
We saw Canada's most prolific writer Norm Foster in the corner holdin' a tall one, a beer people! And was't that Rita Zekas, of the Toronto Star? She looks awesome!
Real Live Boy Damien Atkins, just back from playing the title character in 'I Am My Own Wife'in....Texas of all places!
And a whole new wack of people that I didn't know....wouldn't be a party without new people!
Back to Quicken and reciepts....

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