Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bohemian Rhapsody!

Oh, What a Night!
Easter Party!
What a great turn out and what great guests.
I was a little worried after I booked the date and found out that it was Easter Monday.
But, no worries.
A whole wack of newbies were there last night along with many regulars ( Rafe, Woody, Kent, Mary Francis), who I love having. There were about 120 peeps there!!!!!
First of all.....how much do I love Fashion Crimes, 322 1/2 Queen Street West, for outfitting me?
They dressed me up like a doll and made me feel all pretty.
Thank God, cause Rita Zekas was there and is writing for the Shopping Section of the Star and she seemed pretty jazzed about what I was wearing!
I had two great outfits.
A Burnt Sienna (remember that crayon?) Marilyn Monroe cocktail dress and in the second set I wore a tight fitting black number splashed with accessories that made me feel like a queen and a bit French.
They loved it when I said that those bitches will dress you right!
They will be dressing me again!!!
And speaking of being dressed, the man who I can't live without, next to my Georgie, Mr. Patrick Burwell, had a shirt made that said
"Sharron's Bitch"
on it.
At one point in the dressing room He was curling my hair and cinching up my dress.
He has other talents than that of musical direction, clearly.
My Songologue, which is now my second piece of the night, was all about how I wanted to play Effie in Dreamgirls and half way thru I got so excited about getting a laugh that I went totally blank after a few moments of searching I found my way back but I did poop my pants there for a minute.
Ya gotta love live theatre.
John Alcorn, dreamy.
He sang a song that he wrote for Ronnie Burkett's latest show at Canstage.
Ed Sahely sang and played for himself....a surprise for me.
He is such a funny guy and his songs were another side of him.
I love that.
Look for he and Jonathon Wilson to do some improv at the Party soon.
Our sing-a-long last night was a combo of Can't Help Lovin' That Man of Mine from Showboat into Come Sail Away by Styx.....went over awesome.
It is one of our biggest chores coming up with an interesting audience participation song.
And it is one of my fave parts.
Miss Shelley Simester was my surpirse guest and stole the show, much to my chagrin and jealousness, singing two very funny pieces and telling some great stories.
Who knows....I hope that she will write a show someday soon!
Then...I was so excited.....my 11:00 number was Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody!
Woo hoo!
I was looking forward to it all night.
The evening was a little longer than usual but all in all people seemed entertained and happy. I know I was but I always have the best seat in the house.
Thanks to all who came and look forward to seeing you soon at the Party!
Please write in with your suggestions for songs and I will put them on the list.
All my best,


Paul B. said...

OK! totally bummed that we missed this. But we were in the big apple so I think we were with you in spirit (although bohemian rhapsody sounds more american idol than marie's crisis!) We've blocked Victoria Day evening for some Sharron Fireworks! I hope there is a burning school house :)

Sharron Matthews said...

How much do I love Marie's Crisis??? Bohemian was portrayed as a performance piece and I will probably put it in again next time cause I loved doin' it sooooooo much.
We'll see ya on the 22nd.
All the best Paul!