Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New Guests

Not only will we be having awesome guests for May (Jenn Waiser and Evan Buliung) and June ( Ted Simonett and Graham Abbey)....I managed to snag some really exceptional peeps for July .......Dan Chameroy, who is currently starring in "High Society" at Shaw will be guesting. Dan and I met when he was 19 and I was 21 and we were in Les Mis. We were newbies. We used to go to the Y and workout then go to Frans for fish and chips....ah to be young again.
If you've been under a rock and not heard of the fantastic Shoshana Sperling then here is your chance!!! I have seen her many times and her creativity and humour just blow me away. She does a chick singer paraody that slays me. On this night she will be performing with her husband ...who is an amazing bass player. I met her through Ed Sahley ....he is awesome....what a community we have!
AHHHHH! We are so lucky to have the talent we have in Toronto. And even more exciting.....they are comin' to Sharron's Party.
Patrick is in Sudbury and I am missing him. With Georgie already out in Halifax it is hard times. I thank god for Otto the scary guard dog. He may be a schnauzer, which sounds cute ....and is ...... but he is mighty.
The weather was so gorge ( sassy for gorgeous) today I got out in the garden.
Thom Allison and I went to see "Take the Lead" tonight as I have a very small cameo in it. It was turrible. But Thom and I laughed our heads off. I ask you this.....with millions of dollars going into movies and hundreds of people making decisions how can a sound boom still be seen in some scenes? That is just effed.

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