Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Can't Sleep

What time is it?
5:15 am and I am sitting here reading answers to my blog and am shamed by Paul saying that since George has been home my entries have stopped.
Well turned, sir.
Cannot sleep....could be the aftershow pizza and wings.
Could be the excitement......we are waiting for offers on our house today and that put us on tenderhooks.
We spent the last two weeks fluffing the house and getting it ready.
Fluffing...interesting term in regards to this process.
I had to tell my sister what it first meant and then what it meant in regards to the house.
She was surprised!
Too much...painting, plastering, cleaning, planting and then when I had a few moments.....
rehearsing and writing.
The show ended about 8 hours ago and I am still thrilled.
It surprises me everytime how much I really enjoy doing it.
For those of you who could be there the songlist was:
"Life of the Party"( the best opener ever)
"All in the Finale" ( Songologue....featuring the theme songs from some of your favourite shows)
Ted Simonett and I sang "Just the Way You Are"
" New Girl In Town" ( Alice) into " Wig in a Box/ Science Fiction"
Don't Cha ( Pussycat Dolls) / Wanna Be (Spice Girls).....I know, right...it was awesome!
Nobody's Girl ( Bonnie Raitt)/ Mr. Brightside (The Killers) yes.....those Killers.
" Gloria" was the Sing-a-long and boy did they sing....knew all the words, too!
"Don't Stop Believin'"....Journey, Baby...you cannot go wrong there.
" Last Dance" Donna Summer....as always
and we encored on
"Stop in the Name of Love"
It was Awesome!!!!
We were packed again....I am constantly amazed and flabbergasted that we have such a great turn out!
We played games and Lisa Horner was the surprise guest...she sang " Total Eclipse of the Heart " with full choreo..Patrick sang back up for her.
She is one of the funniest ladies around.
Graham Abbey brought down the house with a Girl Medley that included "Sister Christian" and " Baby, One More Time" by Britney Spears and then he classed the place up with a bit of Shakespeare.
Ted Simonett, ex Canadian Tire Guy, sang a tune by John Bucchino
then as I said he and I dueted on " Just the Way You are"
I know that I say this everytime but....it was my favourite show so far.
I do always have the best seat in the house.
Patrick and I so enjoy putting it together....do come on down.
I am gonna try and put the wings and pizza tummy to bed!
Nighty night.

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