Monday, May 29, 2006

Thank god!

Thank God!
I went to the airport today two hours early because I was so excited! Georgie came home! And what a shock for him....from winter in Halifax, he was still wearing his leather jacket two days ago to ......and I quote the car thermometer ( is that spelled right?..can't bother with spellcheck..too hot) 38 degrees. He said it felt like he was going on vacation getting off the plane here.
Everytime I see him standing around the house it feels like a mirage. And to make it all the more exciting Blythe Wilson offered us tickets to the Oliver opening tomorrrow night in Stratford. Fun, Wow!!!!
Cannot wait, it is going to be total culture shock for George.
I wonder what it will be like? I do love the Colm Feore, he can do no wrong by me onstage. His confidence is thrilling. Wanna know a secret? Whenever I am nervous I always ask myself ......"What Colm Feore would do?"...... Then I am filled with bravado and other things and nerves go away!
Other than that all is is three weeks till the party and Patrick and I have already had some rehearsals...exciting!
I am trying to think if anything else exciting is going on?
George is home.....what am I doing sitting here writing on my blog???
Frick this.......

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