Friday, May 05, 2006

I keep tryin'...

Hey All,
I keep trying to write down my thoughts here on my old blog but I keep getting waylaid by the business that is life. I feel lucky that I have projects because, as I said before, without is lonely. boo hoo.
But he is keepin' busy..I called him last week to tell him that I was wearing shorts and he told me he was wearing a parka.... our love ....separated by weather, a time zone and a 2 hour plane ride. It is star crossed. But we have a great phone plan. We like to call each other and for the first two minutes talk about how it is free to talk. We are very exciting.
Anyway, now that I am DONE MY TAXES!!!!..... ya gotta love it when your accountant tries to tell jokes....just finish my damned taxes and tell me the damage and leave the levity to me, alright!....and done the spring do dust bunnies grow????......and gotten the backyard garden on it's that dead forever or just waiting to grow? ...I am freakin' Martha Stewart...maybe I can figure out how to turn a ....oh.... I don't have the energy for a joke...I tried a couple there and they were just bad.....I am getting ready for the show. I was just goin' over some music and makin' some calls to schedule rehearsals. I am really excited about the show this month. I mean, I usually am but now that it is getting to be a more regular thing I feel like I can get more excited instead of panicked as shit.
Oh, I am sure the panicked as shit will come...but not right now.
It is lookin' good.
Thom Alison and I went and had a movie date last week. We saw two in one night because we are hard core ......oh, and we really have no schedule to speak of.
We saw Kinky Boots....awesome ...... Thom wondered for the whole movie where the auditions were and why no one called him!!!! Then we saw Bettie was a second choice and we loved it!!! That Gretchen Moll was just fabu.
He and I start on Monday at Canstage as a part of the Fesival of Creation and ideas. We are working on two new musicals for 4 days and then presenting them and then I think we are doing a little cabaret on the 11th...which is a Thursday. Anyhoo...the whole Festival sounds interesting Leslie Arden, Denise Clark and Edward Albee ( fancy!) are involved and if you are interested call Canstage at 416 367 8243. A plug for them....they can't say I never did nothin' for them.
Tuesday night I am goin' to the opening of Song and Dance at the Music hall and I couldn't be more excited!!!! It is an old fave of mine and that Louise Pitre can belt out a tune.
There is alot goin' keeps me from being bored and lonely, don't forget! I ain't braggin' just tryin' to cover the pain. boo hoo.
My mom is coming for the week to take care of the oldest schnauzer in the land, while I rehearse and stuff.
I hope she doesn't feed Otto too much people food.
I hope she doesn't ask me if I swear that way around my friends.
I hope she doesn't make me watch Coronation Street.
Have a great day peeps!

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