Wednesday, May 24, 2006


What a week, what a night....what a musical cavalcade...I am just spent!
I had such a great time on Monday night!!!
How many excalmations points is too much!!!!!!!
What a great crowd, I was impressed for a holiday weekend and we had a bunch of new people, too.
Middle Earth showed up from the Princess of Wales theatre to see the fabulous Evan Buling sing one of my favourite songs that he wrote himself called 'Front Bum"...yup it is what it says. He was great!
Micheal Therriault who plays Golum was there...people were very excited to see him...and he was sitting with Neil Barclay from the Shaw festival company and the lovely Tracy Michialidis who I will be doing "Songs For A New World" with again in the fall.
The illustrious Graham Abbey who will be a guest next time...June 19th..was there with Michelle Giroux of the Stratford Festival company...I must be getting legit....all the classical actors are beginning to show up!!!
It is about time!!!!
I had two awesome dressess from the wonderful ladies at Fashion Crimes who were there lookin fabulous! They make me want to dress better every day!
Mary Ann McCord was there...who can ever get enough of her??
I sang alot more musical theatre than I usually do at the Party !!!
It went over but I am sure looking forward to getting back to more new pop tunes!
I do love the exclamation marks it seems.
Jennie Waiser was just great...she sang from Wild Party and Avenue Q...very contemporary....she is gonna be on Broadway in the fall! The Pirate Queen.
And Surprise guest....drum roll please.....Jonathon Munro.
He was just excellent and I am a big gaylord for his talent.
He sang two of his own songs.
My favourite part is just seeing who shows, seeing new faces and watching them watch the guests and be enthralled!
Patrick and I had a great time kibitzing and he and I worked our little asses off.....we love the Sting into Bono medley and always look forward to doing all of Bohemian Rhapsody...yup...all of it!
See you soon...


sharon said...

What a fantab u los show. Such a great time w such talented performers (no blushing!) Can't wait for the next special w all the effects!

Teuszday said...

All the cool people hang out with Sharron...It's time I come to another show! See you at the next one!

Mateusz (formerly of the lovely jewish couple mateusz and esther).

Paul B. said...

Interesting now that George is back that Sharron's blogging has ground to a halt. So while listening to Internet Radio today, Idina Menzel came on singing "Life of the Party" and it made me yearn for a Sharron Cabaret night. Sorry we can't be there Monday: but sing out, Louise, and see ya in July!