Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ooooh Rexy...

OOOOh Noooo!
I went to see the opening of "Song and Dance" last night.....Joe Matheson was kind enough to invite me...I knew that I would have good seats at the very least, him being Louise Pitre's loving man.......and I loved the show....Louise...awesome...of course! Then during the excellent second act.....I loved watching the dancing and seeing Eric Robertson who I think is one of the best dancers in Canada...and saw Rex Harrington, can he be any better looking?....hurt himself and pull himself offstage.......then saw an empty stage and watched the musical director turn around and look perplexed. The cast soldiered on...but you couldn't help but wonder what the fuck was going on backstage.
All the thoughts running thru my head about what the hell they would do....he was Rex Harrington for shit sakes.....people are coming to see him.....would he be able to come badly was he crappy for it to happen at all let alone on their opening night!
I felt for them.
It was a star studded Canadian Event though last night and I was excited to see an opening at a new venue and all the broohahaha surrounding it and over on my side of town too.
I hope it bodes well for other new things to be there.
I, of course, handed out my new card like a whore.
"What am I doing? Well......"
Today, I am back at Canstage.
It is really nice to be back there and also to work on new material.
Zachary Florence is an amazingly well spoken and sweet 22 year old, yes 22 year old composer who wrote a song that is fast and funny with a very interesting character, it is quite a complex piece and I plan to spend the day cramming it into my head as we perform tomorrow.
Holy shit.
And Jonathon Munroe, who I have know for a while as an aquaintance, is a composer, singer, actor and yesterday in rehearsal he did some tap dancing moves and I told him that was too much talent in his body. A star that boy is.
He gave me a lyrical piece to sing and I am challenged and excited.
I find myself challenged by both of the pieces.
Which is good. I keep reminding myself of that.
It is amazing to be around creation all day.
Piss off.
I am allowed to say arty things whenever I want.
Anyway, a week and a half till the Party!
It will be awesome!


Paul B. said...

thanks for the review! We're seeing "S&D" saturday night and after Rich Ooze's review in this morning star, I am not sure we wanted to be there! Poor Rex :( But he does do some pretty impressive drag, so maybe he can appear on stage at an upcoming cabaret....

Sharron Matthews said...

Oh Cad!
Paula Citron of the Globe gave it the most honest and bang on review you could read about it!