Monday, June 26, 2006

Ho Hum

The week after the show always feels like summer vacation. I feel very happy with how it all went, I have thoughts rolling around in my mind about the next show and I feel that I really don't have to focus on them too, too much. So, I am spending time in the is excellent ...if anyone had told me 8 or nine years ago that I would have a garden I would have told them that they were on crack. Literally.
I am reading and......composing a huge list of possible new songs to do.
Speaking of new songs......we have really gotten our feet wet with starting " Songs for a New World". We have had three rehearsals and have, hopefully, nailed down a director...which I am very excited about......but I can't tell the three of you who read this who it is ....... Yet. But it is cool. Super Cool. Tracy, Thom, Jason and I, our original Canadian cast have reunited and we will be performing it in November at the Young Centre. We are super pumped and we are singing away. And then stopping and looking really close at the music....then proclaiming..." I NEVER sang that!" Ah, honesty is such a scary word!
George and I are getting ready to take a little overnighter with Otto our puppy to Stratford to visit friends. Fun!
What else?
I have only flipped off about 20 people so far this year on my bike....which is awesome...a record for me.
And someone who tried to cut me off got the bad side of my attitude and then they told me, and I quote "Go back to Britain!" really.....I was so gobsmacked that I didn't know how ot after the shock wore away I called him every swear word that I could think of. we have to stand up for our brothers across the pond.
Oh ya!
I saw Jonathon Munroe's workshop of " variations on a nervous breakdown" . First of gay gay for his music I am. He is awesome! But his show was just an amazing collection of smart, funny, moving compositions sung by some fab singers.........Adam Brazier ( Woman in White on Broadway but a good ole Canadian Boy), Elizabeth Beeler ( who I did Showboat with) and Sarah Cornell ( Ulla in the Producers)...they were great and clearly had done some huge hard work. Oh and Jonnie sang too. Too many talents too little time.
I saw some "Sharron's Partier's" at Jonnie's show and it warmed my heart.
Wednesday night I am going to see the amazing Steve Gallagher ( first suprise guest at the Gladstone) playing the MC in Cabaret at Stage West. Love him ....cannot wait!
Wow, that is alot.
I hope that the three of you are well.
Put on your sunscreen and don't drink too much.
Love Sharron

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Paul B. said...

Thanks for sunscreen tip, but too late :( I missed part of my neck before the parade yesterday and OUCH today! Lots of exciting news in today's blog: i wish I could have been at Jonathan's show: but why oh why on the Saturday night of Pride weekend?!? Next time I hope!Make sure u get Otto some treats from the barkery! And now I leave it to the other two to comment further :)