Monday, July 10, 2006

Camping and Orcs

Well, George and I got back yesterday from our only vacation this year and our last until next January, boo hoo. George is working like a dog starting tomorrow until the middle of January. He is doing a show at Summerworks , then a show at Theatre Aquarius, then he is playing Horton in the Suessical at LKYPT. He is busy.
We went.......are you sitting?.......camping.
Really, me.
We went to Turkey Point...just outside of Port Dover. Our tent was so small that at about 4:00am we would open up the door and stick our feet out so that we could lie straight. But is was nice.......and a bit dirty. I think camping is just an excuse for poor hygiene, really. But we cooked outdoors and ate outdoors and , since I have recently taken up drinking again, drank wine ourdoors. We spent our days at the beach, which was excellent. I was under my umbrella 'cause I have the sensitive skin and George would not put on sunscreen so as a result got a 2nd degree sunburn and every four hours I put aloe vera on him.
The water was very cold but I went in anyway. I tried to stay away from the screaming children 'cause you know they are just peeing their pants off in there.
Then we came back and our dear friend Cory got us $20 tickets to Lord Of The Rings.....which I loved! Fuck all those reviewers. I do love the genre....the whole sword and knight deal-ie but it was so beautiful on the eyes and the incredibly creative..... I could not help but applaud it's excitement.
Then we came home and watched the PVR we had of So You Think You Can Dance...two words...awe-some.
Patrick and I are off this week to Shaw to rehearse Mr. Dan Chameroy. WE are taking a gay day trip. It will be very festive and filled with fabulousness.
The Party is next week....July 17th...they are coming up faster and faster. I was just getting the Songologue together! Woo Hoo.
Friday I start on the film Camille, the Sienna Miller and James Franco movie shooting in town...maybe I can get her out to the show....Hahahahahahhahah!!! Ya never know! I am playing a paramedic. Very serious.

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