Thursday, July 27, 2006

OH My God!!

Lance Bass is gay? No way? Who knew? Well, some of us........I loved Reichen on the Amazing Race ...but what happened to his Crazy, with a capital C , husband Chip??? He was kooky! I guess they went to an NSYNC concert and Lance spied him from the stage and sent his minions to find him and then they lived happily ( secretly ) ever after.
I went to the beach Turkey Point. It wasn't supposed to rain guess what it did?
Rain...and much so that the sewers were spitting the water back. You might think that I am being dramatic, cause I am known for it....but it is all true. I still got a great swim and then did a little window shop with my sis and niece. We had a great day. more thing....Allison got booted ofa " So You Think..." What happened there?
Natalie should have went.
Oh my summer reality shows make me think too hard.
I am going to Fashion Crimes tomorrow to do an article for the Star with Rita Zekas....awesome!!! Any chance I get to dress like a diva I am a happy girl!


Junior the Barista said...

This Lance Bass thing is really today's water cooler topic. People are a-buzzing. I'm really not all that shocked...I'm just waiting for all the other boy band homos to follow his lead now that Lance is out. Good for him. The world needs more gay pop admit that they are gay pop stars. Now if only Justin Timberlake would come out, my dreams would come true.

Sharron Matthews said...

I think Lance is very is too bad that awful guy who outs everyone against their will was behind it. are the second email/blog that I have gotten about the hope for Justin to walk out the closet door.
We all wait wilth baited breath.