Monday, July 31, 2006


Now...I am not gonna say I am addicted to the TV but any of you who have seen my show know that I am fond of the boob tube.
As it were.
I always like to use that in sentences "As it Were"...that way of you are talking shit and don't know what you are spouting about people are all dazzled by " As it were" at the end ....don't believe me...try it.
Anyhow, back to the old tube.....
So, even though it was overcast as shit at the beach last week I still managed to burn...because my skin is a bit from hell. So, I was feeling a bit damaged and decided to stay in and out of the sun and watch some TV.
I have the PVR and TMN on demand, like any good TV lover, so I decided to watch " Big Love" the HBO show about Polygamy.
What a subject.
Anyhow the lovely Jeanne Tripplehorn and the always-mistaken-for-Bill-Pullman, Bill Paxton were heading the cast...I thought how bad could it be?
Well, who watched all 13 episodes?
In a row.
Me Loved It.
Couldn't get enought of all the character actors all over it and the plot line.....gripping as hell!!!
Chloe Sevigy...did I spell that right?....plays one of the three wives ....I just hate her/love her.
I haven't liked her in anything before but I really like her in this.
The other wife is played by Jinnifer Goodwyn.
Where have I seen here before?
I know that I could IMDB it but it is more fun this way.
Anyhow, if you get a chance pull up a chair and be engrossed.
Speaking of grossed I hear that the new season of "Slings and Arrows" starts soon and playing a role this season is friend to "Sharron's Party" Damien Atkins!
Woo hoo.
Love TV.
Hate my demon skin.
Gonna go the gym.


Junior the Barista said...

Apparently, she was in WALK THE LINE as Vivian Cash. She was also in WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON, although I'm not sure that you would know her from that. I'm a teenybopper-loving gay and I don't know it, so... Maybe? She was also in MONA LISA SMILE and several episodes of ED. I clearly have too much time on my hands... *sigh*

Sharron Matthews said...

OH ya!!! I remember how character-ie she was in Mona Lisa Smile. That is the thing I remember her from most!
And Please...I can only talk about boy bands and Britney Spears so you are in good company! And I did see Win a Date with Tad Hamilton. These are the movies I rent when my husband goes away for a few days...they are my porn.