Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hot as shit.

Is there any other way to put it? I mean I know I have the potty mouth but it is so effing hot...I have never seen Toronto so grummpy... and we are a grummpy people..not as grummpy as New York.
Can you imagine what it is like there right now?
Can you?
Can you???!!!
I went for a bike ride yesterday...wait before you judge me....I waited till 5:00pm...and I still broke out in a heat rash after...attractive, no?
And what better thing to do when you are in the hottest weather on record...
Yes, my loves, on record....I wonder when they started recording?
.....anyway, I digress, what better to do then.....dress in upscale,mother casual ( for those of you who are not actors that means khaki's and a v-neck shirt with sensible shoes) and go to an audition for a Ikea commercial.
Fun, wow?
I sat there meditating on how not to sweat and trying to ignore the hell out of the woman who is staring at me with hate in her eyes because I scored the seat underneath the air conditioning vent.
And beside me the girl who needs to eat a burger is talking too loudly about her recent months in L.A.
"There is so much more going on there!"
Oh ya...why did you come back?
Oh my....I am very cranky......due to the heat..ya that is it...the heat.
Everyone there had straight TV hair.
Do you know how hard it is for a curly haired girl to get straight TV hair in 38 degree heat?
I eschewed it!
I had hair that Shirley Temple-Black would look at and drop her conservative-ness for a moment and say
"That is some fucking curlyhair.....bitch."
Anyway, I went in and did my bit and went to the gym.
I am not liking the gym right now.
I am going but I am not liking.
I hope it will pass.
Maybe I'll take a class or something.
My dog is staring at me right now like the heat is my fault.
I did not watch Canadina Idol last night.
I read a book while George did.
I caught some of it out of the corner of my eye.
Cindy Lauper....why did you come here?
Ug....I am sorry Junior but Stephie D?
Come on?
I await Rockstar tonight!
Love that show!

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Junior the Barista said...

People ARE grumpy. One of our regulars (Grande Mild) came in the other day and said "This music is lovely, but it's awfully loud. And on a hot day like this, it's just unbearable." I understood that the music was loud - but what does the heat have to do with anything? As I remarked after she left, "We must have not noticed because of the air conditioning". It's a good thing she didn't come in earlier when we were playing The Clash. Oh well. Heat makes you do the wacky.