Saturday, August 19, 2006

Summer Lovin' Had Me Stuffed up!

Why allergies now?
My eyes are puffed out like marshmallows...mmmm.... marchmallows......
And out at Fran's a couple days ago Susan Gilmour informed me that it was Ragweed season...well...eff that.
Anyhoo....all is well....the show is in a bit of time....super excited.
I was practicing the sing-a-long in my car today on the highway and had numerous people staring at me....I don't care!!! It is gonna be a great one.
George just called me from Scotland where he is at the Edinburgh Festival.... fancy....he is playing the lead in "Rob Roy " there.
I miss him.
Though he called me on my cell phone....that must have cost us a freakin' fortune!
I couldn't go to Scotland 'cause have to take care of our hundred year old puppy .....and rehearse for the Hairspray Movie!!! Woo Hoo!!
I am excited..... I start shooting in September!
Patrick and I have a big surpirse for you at the next show....I wanna give it away but.........I will wait!! It is super, though.
( it has nothing what so ever to do with Hairspray...I don't wanna hear any bitchin' about John Travolta not showing up)
We are getting ready to release all the info about the next block of dates and guests!!!! That will be at the next party on Monday August 28th!
Other than that I am chillin' ....really not alot of time for that, really.
See y'all!


Paul B. said...

New Post...but no mention of Sharron's FAB spread in today's Toronto Star!!! What a great article and the photos are amazing. And it talks about "Hairspray" too! But Christopher Walken?!?! Singing "You're Timeless To Me"?!?!?! We want the scoop on what's up with that!

Sharron Matthews said...

Hey Paul,
I never like to publicize these things! Ya never know how they are gonna turn out.....and it turned out well.....althought I will never hear the end of Patrick being called Paul! I just heard about will that be?