Thursday, August 31, 2006

Already two weeks away!

I am not believing the calendar as I look at it and see that the next show is only two weeks away!
Holy shit!
I got shit to do!
But let us not forget the last show!!!
What a night!
Could I use more exclamation marks?................................... !
The day was wonderful with my Hairspray rehearsal and meeting John Travolta and all.
My ass was killing me from all of the dancing, real dancing with jumps and shit.
Anyway...I got to the Gladstone in tons of time and got the guests soundchecked and all!
By the time 7:15 rolled around the lobby was so packed that we decided to open the doors so as not to have a back up.
It was our biggest crowd yet!
We were just so happy with the turn out and how it seems to get more different kinds of people from all walks of life.
There were surprises on and off stage.....during my last number I thought I heard someone say something about my nipples....can you imagine?....and so I decided to stop and ask what was going on and then I sang a whole nother can you sing a ballad after someone comments on your nipples?
I ask you.
Short form the night!.........
Songologue was called " 20 Pounds" all about my wieght struggles and everyone elses struggle with my weight.
Featured the songs "Bitch", "Unpretty", "Fatso" and " Bushel and a Peck" from Guys and Dolls.
Eclectic, no?
Had some sweeties up for the game.
Fab was one of our contestants.....and was just that.. fab..he was easy on the eyes and wrote me a very nice email after the fact.
isn't that nice?
The Bittergirls were up and we tried a whole new thing....with the interview and all and finished with us singing " Enough Is Enough" .....Babs and Miz Summer would have been proud.
Thom Allison sang " I am Changing".....need I say more?
He needs to be doin' his own thing.....I have a link to his website on my links page at
Write him and tell him so!
Then the surprise.....drum roll....
Steve Ross.....he burned up the stage with " Someone to Fall Back On" by Jason Robert Brown....then told some killer stories.....Fat Jesus.....oh my I laughed more than I talked.....I had alot of fun with my guests and again felt so lucky to have the friends that I have.......
I announced the rest of the dates this year and talked about our TShirt campaign.
You can get a "Sharron's Bitch" Tshirt for 15 bucks and all the money goes to our live CD that we are planning.
Patrick had been wearing the original around and getting comments about it so we thought ...why the frick not?
After the big show I ran home and got into bed picked up by 7:50 am and was on set of the new CBC comedy " Altar Boy Gang" by 9:00am.
I felt very fancy and very blessed and .......very fancy.
Linda Kash, you will remember her from "Guffman" where she played Eugene Levy's wife, Mrs. Pearl........she is one of the leads on this show.
She and I did the Music Man movie together so I was very happy to be there with her. It always makes doing a few days on something a bit more free and fun....and I think this show is pretty funny.
I am playing a Catholic League Woman.....that is my title.....again......playing type......or no? I have decided to name myself Susan.
What the frick, eh? Not that I am method or anything....just nice to have a name......
Anyway......I felt a little fried by the time I finished yesterday but....again....I felt pretty happy.
It has been an amazing whirlwind of a couple of days.
And tomorrow I awake and begin the work again!
It is my birthday show on the 18th.....I forgot to say it will be my favourite stuff.
Wooo wooooo!
Hope we are packed to the rafters!


Junior the Barista said...

I am booking the night off work as we speak. Birthday show! Fantastic. Wish I saw this week's. Still bummed. And - having been Catholic most of my life - I really wish you had been on the Catholic Women's League at my parish. I think that would have been amazing. HA!

cbt said...

Sharrrrrrrooon(I LOVED that in your Christmas show last year...the dude singing your name so that noone would ever forget that you have 2 r's[or is it 6?!]in your name!
We were truly thrilled to be at your party at the Gladstone.I LOVED the location!
You,though,Sharrrrrrrooooonn,were stunning.I adored the subject matter(and despise it,of couse,too!)because of my own struggles with weight.I thought how you tackled the subject with such vulnerability but incredible humour was brilliant.The Bitter Girls fit into the night so perfectly because of that.
All of your guests are amazingly talented.I feel so small in that world...knowing that there are that many people out there who could knock your socks off with their singing.To think that there are that many people who deserve work in the industry too?!?!
Anyhow.Thanks for inviting us.As we were leaving,we saw an aquaintance of ours...Kat Kennedy.She said she's known you guys for years!We were going to chat longer,but she had to get back to a nursin' baby!It was cool to find another connection to you guys though!
Adios.ciao,friend.Stunning friend.