Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bike Ride

So, I decide that since I have to take a trip to Yonge and Bloor I will not pay for parking or the subway..I will ride my bike.
Very economical and environmentally concious of me, non?
I pat myself on the back as I ride away from my house ( which is hard on a bike...yuck yuck...I am above that humour ) on my awesome silver bike that George bought for me.
The sky is overcast but I remain I cross the Bloor Viaduct it begins to sprinkle. I have lived in what! Then as I get closer to my destination it begins to rain a bit the time I try...yes..I said try to lock my bike up I am a bit waterlogged. But I remain positive all throught the 10 MINUTES it takes me to lock my bike. Eff off.
By the time my appointment is done I decide to wait out the slight drizzle....maybe it will stop.
I check messages and mess with my palm pilot ....blah blah blah. So, I wait twenty minutes...this is important in the telling of this tedious story.......I get on Flash, that is the secret name I have for my bike...yes, I am 37 years old but I must remain young is some ways.....and start the ride home. Twenty minutes...yup here it is....before the end of the ride the skies open....I can't even see the rain is pelting so hard....and if I can't see I don't trust the drivers so I pull my bike into the doorway of a wedding shop. The old greek lady wo runs it comes to the door and shakes her head disapprovingly. I smile and shrug while mentally I am giving her the finger.
Wait....nothing much happened but my lame bike ride....I just bored myself but feel that I must publish this anyway.
I will write more exciting things, I promise.
One question...does anyone dislike Star Jones as much as me?


Junior the Barista said...

I used to love Star, but pre-wedding. She is crazy now. I love that Rosie O'Donnell has blogged about her. Nuts! But PS - speaking of THE VIEW, did you see Elizabeth get totally reprimanded by Barbara ON AIR? If not, go to and enter "the view elizabeth" and you will most likely find it. It is like seeing a car accident. You don't want to gawk, but you can't bring yourself to turn away. I highly recommend it.

Sharron Matthews said...

Oh my god....that was hard to watch....but did you watch the Sandra Bernhardt interview right after it?
Worth it!!
Worth it!

Junior the Barista said...

OH. MY. GOD. That is amazing. My life has changed.

bone. said...

Dear Sharron,
I didn't care much for Star when she was a potato with a face painted on it. Now that Mrs. Potato Head has lost all her weight and had her neck pulled up behind her ears she looks too sneaky and I dislike her even more.

Her interview with Larry King was brilliantly disingenous and I dearly wanted Larry to call her on more of her crap. It would have been brilliant if Barbara Walters had called in!


Sharron Matthews said...

It has been so long since I was here.
Now Junior has got me addicted to
Me hate Star.
I really wish Larry hada taken her out but we can all be calm with the knowledge that her extended 15 mean, angry minutes are up!!!!!!