Sunday, August 06, 2006

Theatre in Toronto?

Ya know how I don't like to go on about my big show that happens at the Gladstone once a month, this month it happens on August is three weeks away....and I feature some of the most talented artists in Canada, if not the world and I wear some of the snatchiest dresses?....Recall how I don't like to chat about that?
Well, I am just starting to work on it right now and something has changed in my life due to it!
Before the big show I barely ever saw theatre.
I have been doing it professionally for 23, gasp, years and I just started to detest going to see it....funny that.
Well, Sharron's Party started and the artists who have come and supported me have been so great that I started to think, " I better go support them, too".....also, I think it is good to have current theatre gossip in the show....
So, off I go.
I have to say that I have been having the time off my life.
When I was doing the big musicals downtown my week was so full of sequins that the last thing I wanted on my day off was to be shoved into a small room and see a bunch of actors "workshoping" something.
I have seen big and small....about 5 shows a month since I started in March and though our big theatre is in dire straits I think it is inspiring some great work elsewhere.
I spent time at the Fringe, something I never did till I did my horrible, horrible, horriblbe Fringe show last year, and I had a creative and inovative and if the didn't work....who is interesting and informs and inspirses others to so new things.
Even my crappy fringe piece of shit.
This week I went and saw two shows at Summerworks.
The Review, written by Adam Pettle, Allana Harkin and Jonathon Monro. Starring Andrew Kushnir, Sarah Cornell and my husband ( in the interest of full disclosure) George Masswohl.
I had a blast. I love seeing artists challenging themselves..I think that in Toronto musical performers ( we are loud and proud) don't get enough chances to exercise their considerable talents doing new, interesting and maybe avant garde works.
You can go and pay 10 dollars and see three fanastic performers playing was a treat.
Yesterday, I went to see "Letters to Kathleen" written by Brendan Wall and his sister Fiona starring Brendan, the fantastic Mary Francis Moore ( she is my new best friend) and Geoffrey Pounsett.
Now, usually I don't like seeing the shows that don't have songs....but a good Irish story is the next best thing.
By the end ....there I was weepin'.
I felt very inspired by both of these experiences.
People are out there being more than actors, not that you have to ...being an actor is more than enough to fill the brain....
but they are acting, writing, producing, directing.....and in Mary Francis and Brendan's case (I passed by their little son Finbar...I am sure that is not the way you spell it...... on the way into the show and he was being told that Mommy and Daddy were going to play just like he was) raising a family.
Oh yes....I am filled with the joy that is the theatre.
Also, I am just so excited because " Slings and Arrows" just started again on TMN.
And if it could get even more awesome then the last two is.
Lovin' it.

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