Thursday, August 24, 2006

Is Gravol addictive?

It is 12:50pm.
My Mom went to bed on the living room couch......don't judge me is a great and comfy 10:00pm and I was relegated to my bedroom like a teenager.
But I used the time to read some more of the "Bittergirl" book ...oh dear...I have been laughing out loud and you all know that I only truly do that when I watch America's it has gotta be good.
The show is coming up soon and I gotta say....I am much so that I haven't been able to get to sleep for the last few nights.
Yup....just like before the first day of school. It really is gonna be a fun stuff.....
I went to Fashion Crimes today...fuck I love it there.
I got two AWESOME outfits.
I brought my Mom with me...she couldn't get over all of the clothes and the women who help me.....I always feel so sexy in those clothes......whew.
So....after trying to sleep .....I am just not getting I cracked half a that so wrong.......does it make me a drug addict?
I thought that I might come here and write something down to my faithful 3 readers.
How are all three of you?
I have an audition tomorrow for a film........I am playing a woman who runs a daycare they ever got me pegged wrong.....but I am an actress...sigh.
Two words before I go on.!
Awesome.....Dilana is going bad ...which is sad cause I really liked her...but now I am hoping that Magni will win...he reminds me of George. Watch rocks!
Just read that they are separating everyone into groups based on race.
How is that gonna work out?
Am I done with it now.
Random Gravol induced thoughts.......
Why is it suddenly winter?
If you blow your nose you lose weight?
When will "Lost" start again?
When will the Gravol kick in?


Paul B. said...

I'm not sure how to respond to that posting. But I thought I should comment that "Sharron's Party" wa the Monday pick in today's Globe & Mail "7 days" section. I hope there's going to be burly security men to hold back the crowds.

Sharron Matthews said...

Well....Paul...ya never heard GRavol induced musings from a chick singer before?
And thanks for the heads up on the Globe deal...we hadn't seen it!

Junior the Barista said...

It is bloody winter...only every store you enter still has their A/C on. On the bright side, fall means that both Maple Macchiatos and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are coming back to Starbucks. Always a silver lining!!! PS - If you think daycare worker is a bad fit, how about the audition I had for the FRENCH PROSTITUTE? Funny, I thought my headshot said "boy next door". Guess not.