Wednesday, July 26, 2006

That is it!

That is the LAST TIME I watch crappy Canadian Idol. I know I said that yesterday was...but I lied....sue me.....Ug. George wanted to watch the results show. The best singer on the show got booted....she looked shock and a bit pissed. I applaud that reaction.
It is just so That is the best I can come up with. Those young-uns sing songs with crappy arrangements with a kick- ass band...backed up by my friend Saidah, incidentally one of the best singers I know,....and they couldn't be worse and then the lame judges tell them that they were great. Did you see the episode where Sass sang last year?? I was so shocked and freaked that I watched it from the other room, the kitchen with my head sticking around the corner. She was turrrrrrrble.
Oh my cup runneth over with contempt....I am usually trying to find something positive in performers but I just couldn't. There are so many awesome people out there...I know it...I have seen them and he we are on national TV represented by Stephie D.....if you don't get it one episode next week...I would love to hear what the three of you thought. I won't be....watching that is...I'll be reading my People magazine.


bone. said...

Umm...I like Steffi D! She always gets my vote. I think the guys are all sucky and yet it looks like a guyses year this year.

Hi Sharron! I'm the guy who drew your picture that one time!

Kimball's fella, J.Bone

Sharron Matthews said...

REALLY!!!!! Oh Kimball's fella....she is just too happy for me and she is trying to rock it but...well...I just don't buy it.......But I am not judgin' each there own. I don't think that I can watch it again.
My heart can't take it.
Your picture is hanging over my computer right now. You gave me such a flattering waist!