Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oh my lord!!!
I love Paranormal State.....George won't watch it with me....he says nothing happens.....I say that it is the promise of something finally happening which keeps me watching.....and to answer Micke.....yes....I have seen the episodes with the old school ghost busting lady....she  is all the old version of the crazy round lady from Poltergiest.....I  have been away for most of the week in Orangeville so I have all these shows that I want to watch! But I can't..... I CAN'T yet!!!!
I have to learn my damned miss coming onstage for 20 minutes and singing the last tune and then reading for the rest of the time!!!
This is alot of work....I know....duh, Sharron!
George and I are working hard! We are all an acting duo.....look out Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn....of course they can't really look anywhere because they are dead....aren't they?
So...that being said.....I have to go....
But here are a few thoughts....
It snows alot in Orangeville.
Did you know that in a pinch......'Anyways' works to get you to the next transition onstage if you can't remember your line?
George is a good actor.
Otto's farts are starting to smell a bit like Chef Boyardee.

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KYLiE said...

I love it.

I will remember the "Anyways" tip...for when I actually have lines on stage again. Although, why not pepper ad-libs with it. ie. "Anyways, there's Harold Hill!"; "Anyways, Marion's over at the bridge!"; and/or "Anyways, did he just say cue-babs?"