Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ropes End!

Holy Crap you guys!!!
I opened a two hander!
With my husband !!!!!
In Orangeville.
And for all of my very dear, concerned Orangeville people...... I apoligize that I may have shown the town in a bad 'meteorological' light.......BUT!!!!
We drove through, at least, 4 snow storms so far ......the most recent during which the show was sooooo heavy that every 10 minutes we had to pull over the clear the windshield wipers......IT  WAS THAT HEAVY!!!
And at one point George was looking through a clear spot on the window the size of a fist. 
But the funny thing is ..... we drove through one during which George drank a milkshake and only handed it to me when we started to we are all......OH, I DON'T EVEN NOTICE IT!
One of the fabulous tech people commented one day in rehearsal about how they like to look out the front window of their house and watch people get stuck in snow drifts....I mean REALLY!!!!
That is just wrong!
And this morning our dear hosts called us and told us we needed to get out and to work because the road was frozen....FROZEN.....then they proceeded to tell us that the best way to get out was to take a right at the end of the road and make sure that you didn't put your foot on the brake all the way.....and we would be fine.....god bless the awesome Darryl and Marilyn.......our hosts.......but that is some weather.
The whole experience has been a great one, aside from the ass-ie weather.....the people really are just the bees knees and David Nairn is running a fabulous theatre up there.
He is very passionate.
And it was only the last two days before we opened that I begun to doubt my ability to perform the set out task of the two hander.
There are just so many much little singing....and alot of changing.....
I had my melt down that David talked me through...... it was one of those....'holy shit what the fuck do I think I am the fuck can I do this' .....things..... but it turned out..... my pal Blythe came to see the opening and I informed her that I had not had a solid poop in three days.....and was holding a bottle of Tums at the time.
But opening night was just was fun.
It is so awesome to be onstage with my husband.
It was a great Valentines gift.
He only gives me notes sometimes.
Yup....he gives me notes.
Just like Fred Willard in 'Guffman'......

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