Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How much does this picture rock?

Doesn't it look just like the movie "Carrie" before the blood gets poured all over her...except Keith Cole is playing the guy that ended up being the "Greatest American Hero"...what the eff was his name?? Katz something...oh tell me do my blog readers!
Well, one of you guys sent me an email today saying " Hey Curly, what the eff gives....write something!"
Me all, "How familiar of you but alright!"
The above picture was from the wonderful night I had while performing at Cheap Queers during the summer...oh god...I had an effing good time...and it was as fun and cool at it looked...and the young gentleman at the piano is the talent Doug Price. He is a great accompanist and fabulous chartman.
I was sooo excited to be asked to be a part of this series at Buddies.
I love Buddies.
I don't know if I mention that enough.
They seem to get what I do... and if they don't they still smile and support me...Patrica even listens to my pop songs even though I know the genre makes her more than slightly sick.
Now, that is support.
I am not just saying those nice things because they have a new AD.
I have a busy week...it kinda makes my stomach hurt from excitement and nervousness.
I know you ALL know from my emails and Facebooks that I have two cabarets this week...one is the last night of my Back to Basics series at Statlers.
It has been a great 3 month run.
I will be rocking it out with the FABULOUS Donovan on Wednesday at 8:30pm...who knows... but I think Rick Springfield and Rihanna will make and appearance...this material is all being put to bed for a while so come on out and request your fave tune...it is encouraged!
And then on Sunday at Buddies I am having a special preview of "Sharron's Big Broadway Show".
It is the story of the very important and fancy journey from Hamilton to Broadway and all the places in between...now, before you start freaking...yes, I know I have never been in a Broadway show...but like most of you...I have been ON Broadway. So suck it judgers.
The musical tales include my adventures with Tina Fey (fabulous lady, came to my trailer the first day of "Mean Girls" to welcome me to the set...I did my best not to pee myself), John Travolta (I danced beside him on Dundas at Roncesvalles at 4:00am...I did my best not to fall over and crack my head open), Elaine Stritch (I stayed overnight in her rehearsal suite at the Carlysle...I really did) and Stephen Sondheim (I truly made and ass of myself when I met him)....oh what tales I have...and what a tail!
The show on Sunday @ 8:00pm at Buddies is priced to sell at a mere $10.00 people...I just wanna do it for an audience before I go to the maritimes with it...and that Hot Mess Wayne Gwillim will be accompanying me!
So, come on out and join in the end of my cabaret season this year!
Because after that it is off to lyktp to do a musical people!
What the eff am I doing up this late promoting myself?
George is asleep and the dogs are snoring.
And one other thing.
That Donny Osmond on Dancing with the Stars...he looks koo koo for COCO Puffs!

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