Saturday, September 05, 2009

Kids....what the eff is wrong with these kids today...

So, I have something that I watch on the TV that chills me to the very bones....the bones, people.
I don't watch it every week....I don't look forward to watching it...but when I happen upon it...I can't stop myself is like a fucking car really is.
It is....Supernanny.
That show is scarier that any horror film I have ever seen....
And if I am ever having a day when I see a cute kid on the subway...or the street...or wherever they like to hang out and have a fleeting yearn for a child of my own....I go home and promptly watch SUPERNANNY.
Ya wanna know why my dear friends? It helps me to recall that I DO NOT have the disposition to bring up, furry things...yes, I can do that...but not beings that can turn to you after you feed and clothe and love them for 16 years and tell you that THEY FUCKING HATE YOU and your GUTS....and give me the fucking car keys and 40 bucks!!!
I mean, don't get me wrong...I enjoy kids...I like hanging out with them and stuff...but the whole patience thing...not in me really.
And that Jo Frost....she has all of these ways to train them and put them in the naughty chair...or naughty corner...or naughty room....I wonder if they are gonna grow up and enamoured with naughtiness and end up in the porn industry...they will have Jo Frost to thank for that.
Way to go British Lady.
Anyhow...the kids on that show scare the fucking shit outta me...they are all screaming and hitting and pushing and killing....I know they are....they don't show it on screen but those are some violent kids.....
And I love it when the Supernanny leaves for the first time and the parents look all terrified and the kids look a mix of relieved and pissed off and plotting....can one look plotting...I don't care.
They do.
Some of those kids are evil.
I am surprised those parents can sleep at night.
I would always have one eye open.
So, thank you Jo Frost...for helping to solve the population condom at a time.

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