Wednesday, December 09, 2009

How the eff did this happen?

This is a photo of the Christmas tree that George brought me home last year.
We had experienced a gross year who's main highlights consisted of our beloved Otto passing and that effing Rob Roy debacle.
I decided that we didn't need a Christmas Tree.
So, one day I was in the bath and George brought in the tree and decorated it.
Yes, I bathe for a VERY long time.
And that big present in front was for me.
How did Christmas sneak up on us this year?
Was it the balmy fall that lasted till...this morning? Freezing rain and sleet suck ass.
But Christmas is all close...and it could be me...or it could be the PMS...but I feel all emotional and seasonal...not like the flu.
Just moved.
Not like bowels.
For fucks sake, Sharron....just say what you wanna say.....SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A WOMAN PMS' ????!!!!
I decided to not do a holiday performance this year.
It was after a lot of thought that I made that decision.
LinkI LOVE the holiday show....but I wanted to devote my time and energy to the "Princess and the Handmaiden"....Leslie Arden's music is challenging people!
But I want to do....something...
So, a lovely lady called me on the phone and asked me to be a part of her groups show....
Maybe you have heard of them??
Check this out!!!
Oh ya!!!
These ladies...and some gents...are something else...and their shows are awesome!!! band, The Panik Attack (the handsome Reza, Jamie and Erik) will be playing with me!!! With a lovely bassist named Devon....oh what a night it will be....
Incidentally, I was rehearsing with my guys and after we were riding an elevator down from the space...all the boys had their instruments with them...and when the doors opened a man outside said "Hey, here comes the band!" and then looked at me...and before I could kick him in the balls he asked if I was the manager...I looked at him and said "I with the band......jealous?" and strode away.
Swinging my ass as I went!!!
Oh what a time it will be....
This Sunday December the 13th at the Revival at 7:30pm.... go to this link for TICKETS!!! This event almost ALWAYS sells go NOW!!
I hope to see you...if not at Les Coquettes ....then out and about!
Happy Holidays all!

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