Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sigh. It is over....again.

I can't sleep.
Here we are AGAIN.
The time between Christmas and New Years....where I consider going on an all-liquid diet but figure I might as well wait for a couple of days....I have given up on my pre-christmas jeans in favour of tights...and skirts...and...I know...eff you....sweatpants.
Christmas is over.
This year was the first year that I really realized that I love the lead up to the season WAY MORE than the day itself.
I love everyone wishing the other "Merry Christmas!" or "Happy Holidays"... the anticipation of the day itself....that NEVER lives up to the days beforehand...the soft snow that falls...and here is a thought....
Isn’t it strange that at Christmas time having snow and sleet is kinda romantic and cozy...and after Jan 1st the same weather is just bullshit.
It is almost time for the aforementioned bullshit.
Oh....and this Christmas Day...a drunk lady backed into our car...our car was parked.
She drove away and contacted us from her party saying that she had to leave the scene (yes, I use the CSI terminology...I have to use it somewhere to justify the hours of watching) because she was LATE for her party.
Are you fucking serious?
Merry Drunken Christmas, Lady.
But I digress.
I have a musical to close tomorrow...and I am torn.
I am always happy to recognize the timely ending of a project.
A job fulfilled.
An audience satisfied.
Okay....I just judged myself.
But I always know when it is time to move forward and I know that my attention span is quite short.
But I have had a blast doing this show at LKTYP.
And I find myself melancholy.
There is nothing like the gift of singing or listening to some Leslie Arden.
I stand on stage at the same point every show and listen to Regan and Tracy singing to each other...and the melody and harmony is so haunting...I almost tear up...which is saying a lot about a hard ass like me.
Oh WAIT...Sidebar....Shawn Wright came to the show today and something that had been nagging at the back of my subconcious came into the light, as the fancy people it is for you to consider....Shawn Wright....Karen Wood....separated at birth?
They are like Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson...are they the same person? Do they cancel each other out.
I wanted to actually use Latoya there...but who would be who?
There is something very solitary about the cabaret and one-woman show work that is my great passion.
Okay...I just judged myself again...but you know what I mean, people.
I love the company of....a company. The crew and the cast.
We have a good time.
Even when the kid in the front got up during the applause of one number and asked me, while I was bowed over accepting said applause, how much longer the show was.
Actually, especially then.
Nothing like the young ones keeping you honest.
They also like to stare at the action on stage with their mouths WIDE OPEN.
That is my fave.
Even though sometimes they are breathing and coughing out the germs...but I use sanitizer.
Who knows when I will do theatre again.
I will be dedicating this year to new projects and going that takes a lot of time...but I have totally enjoyed this theatrical breath of fresh air.
GOD....I keep judging myself in the fancy speak!!!
I want to thank Tracy, Regan, Andrew, Larry, George, Jonny Tan, Karen, Julain, Susan...late entrance CATHY...WTG girl...Kate, Kristen, Scott, Jacks, Gavin, Allen, Leslie, Stephen, Craig and ALL at the Lorraine Kimsa. It is always a pleasure.
Maybe now I can sleep....I have young people to keep the attention of tomorrow...and it can be a challenge.
And a joy.
God...the self judgement!!!
Night all!

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