Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rest in Peace, Bradley Garrick

When I was 16 years old, I had the amazing fortune to find myself in a summer company for young actors...I was paid $169.00 a week (I remember the first cheque) and I began to hang around with a group of actors/kids from the OTHER end of Hamilton (West End....fancy) and we performed at Hamilton Place together.

I loved this group of people.

For someone who hung around with the same people since kindergarten, it was pretty exciting to meet all these new, like minded people.

While "hanging" with this group of people I met Bradley Garrick.

He was 14, at the time.

He was gregarious, always fun and handsome....

He and I liked to drink Peach Schnapps.

A lot of Peach Schnapps.

I remember him with a fake, yak hair parted down the a dancing waiter in Hello one of the sailors in South Pacific....we were so young.

In the intervening years things have happened, life is life...and as a result, I have not seen him in a very long time...the last was at a panto at the Wintergarden, I think....

But when I heard he was sick, George and I were struck.

And now, so far from home, hearing of this passing tonight (in the wee hours, here in Greece) we are saddened.

Not being a part of his immediate life, it feels strange to be writing my feelings for the world to see...but who cares...I will miss him...I am sad that he is not in this world...and I feel great sadness for Phillip...I wish you peace.

Bradley...this earth was a more interesting place with you in it.

It is smaller without you.

We all, whose life you have touched in small and large ways, mourn your passing.



Laura said...

I knew Bradley Garrick, I was born on the same day as him - in the same hospital on December 13, 1969 at St. Joes in Hamilton.

Our mother's were very good friends. They would meet every day to talk and for us to play together. We shared our 1st, 2nd 3rd, & 4th Birthdays together.

I guess my mom lost touch with his mom when we moved to Kitchener in the early 80's - then we heard that she and Brad's older sister had passed away in a car accident.

We never learned of his younger brothers deaths as Paul (His Dad) did not keep in touch with us...

I was very sad to learn of his passing as we were friends once - a long time ago ... Rest In Peace Brad..

Laura XOXO

Sharron Matthews said...

Thanks for writing, Laura. It is always shocking when people go to soon...and he did.

Wallas Wookie said...
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Wallas Wookie said...

I miss my brother, I will hug you in Heaven