Thursday, September 01, 2011

Dear Scarborough Hospital Team "PULSE"!

Dear Pulse, You were and are pure class. And your execution of that number last night would have made the Shirelles or the Four Tops give you props. Thank you so much for working so hard and for being so joyful and positive through the entire experience...and for showing us all what it is like to approach something so selflessly as a true ensemble. Thanks to my "yeah yeah' and "whoa whoa" girls (Elaine, Tabitha, Patty and Nancy) duet queen Elecia, , my strong as a bull Edguardo, the slick and smooth Mike who started it off in style, Steph the rap goddess and SWEET SWEET ANNIE YOU MOTOWN GODDESS...all of you...I will never forget one of you.

And I will NEVER get over the fact that Elaine is a freaking grandmother, she looked so hot in that all did!! (Thanks to Lisa Williams who did ALL the wardrobe...KILLER)

Elaine's grandaughter asked to be my friend on Facebook...and I passed out.

Working with you was a absolute pleasure.

Though your show was shown last night, the country won't know that you were mine and Christian's first team.

I was excited and nervous to be starting a new show...and you guys could not have been more really taught us what the show was all about.

I remember CV and I chatting the first day and him saying how he just wanted you guys to look your absolute best...classy and smooth....and you did, my people you did.

And you sounded like bleeping Motown stars.

So, basically, you kicked the crap out of that!

Thanks to Christian, for his awesomeness and vision...great job friend, as always.

And thanks to the awesome Kelly and Scott and the Keg Spirits for the great competition!

I love this show!

I love my job.

Great work done by all!

AND don't get me WRONG... I LOVE ALL MY TEAMS!!!

My Hammer Cops...23 of the coolest...more hardworking men you will ever meet ARE ALSO my heart...who sang Britney can I NOT love you?

My GOT of the most physically challenging routines pulled off with style and talent and fun fun rocked my world.

WOLF PACK...AWWOOOW...our naughtiest much much sass...and you kicked the butt out of your outfits and the number...nasty!!! LOVE.

And the Energetics...very ambitious DISCO routine that you rose to the challenge of...with flair....booty and ...guess what? HEART!

I enjoyed the experience of working with everyone of you...lord...I am getting all awards show speech-ie.

Just letting you know how much I loved you all...and the work you did.

One more week.

Can't believe it!


You ARE my all are....I got room for all..


Lesrw said...

This program is so full of heart and courage - It's everyday people doing extraordinary things, for the soul benefit of helping others in need. How amazingly Canadian! :) That kind of energy and emotion is contagious! Sharron , the pride you exude as you look on your teams final performance each night chokes me up! You truely love them!
Be proud of the talents you've awoken with these amazing volunteers teams and know you have given them all a spark of magic they didn't even know existed! What a gift!!
Kudos to Canada Sings!!!

Sharron Matthews said...

thank you so much! what a fab job....just the most amazing experience...