Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentimes to ALL!!!

Dear All Valentines 
and People who would like to be Valentines....
or have Valentines...
or find themselves giving up on the idea of being a Valentine,

I was feeling a little blue this morning because I am away from home...and my own Valentine.
One of my fave things he has ever said to me was on the day we got married... "Now, I have a permanent Saturday night date!"... love that...love him.
For our first Valentines he was in Edmonton and I was in Toronto...now, it is a bit reversed...but if I am not mistaken...and you all know how I am with dates and the such...it is our 20th Valentine's Day as a couple.
What the heck!!!
How time flies.
On that first Valentine's Day I received a box from Canada Post Express...and when I opened it...it had a live rose inside...that he had sent from Edmonton. He had picked the rose himself, packed it up carefully and sent it to me...and it was alive and gorgeous.
It was one of the most romantic things anyone had ever done for me...and still is...
My friend, Ash, who owns and runs the George Street Diner on the corner of Richmond and George St. (Our fave place for breakfast and brunch in the WORLD) found this posted on the side of her Diner this morn....

It made me have a tear up...it is true...so very true.
And though I can't be with my Valentine today...I just wanted to tell him...for all the world to hear...how I love him so. 
That I am still excited every time I know I am gonna see him...every time.
None of us should give up on love...no matter what kind of love it might be...except if it is gross or illegal...and who is to judge what gross really is in this case...so let us just go with illegal.
My husband sent me this pic on the old facebook this morn...

And I was in love...and then I saw that he was in the Shopper's D (we know how I love that place) on the end of my street...and then I wondered...who is holding the camera? He told me, as we spoke on the phone minutes later, that there is no lack of last minute Valentimers in the card section at the Shopper's D on Valentine's Day...one of the 45 guys there asked if George was buying the card...George said no...another asked if he could get a discount on the used card after George was done with it...another said he wasn't late because it wasn't 5:00pm yet. Oh, boys. 
So, the moral to the story today is two fold....
1. Don't Give Up On Love
2. Everyone in the card section at the Shopper's D on Valentine's Day is a Wise Ass.

Happy Valentine's Day TO ALL!!!!

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