Friday, February 17, 2012

NYC...HERE I COME...IN THE FALL and some Canada Sings SEASON 2!!!

So, I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to go back to NEW YORK CITY, people.
And now it has come...Autumn in New York...just like that fancy songs says...I had to learn that fricken' song in school...though I would never sing it because it ain't my style! 
Now, I cannot wait to tell you all about it...BUT this woman needs to book the rest of the tour first! (Yes, I am working backwards....)
But the dates all look to be exciting!!!
It is gonna be an exciting year for this globe trotting chick!!!
Starting with SEASON 2 OF CANADA SINGS!!!
The press release has gone out...we have a new judge...and CV and I are on the road, people!!! 

And now, off to nap (yes, I said nap...we rehearsed late and I had a business call stop your judging)  before the last day of Week 3 ( I can't believe it is Week 3 already!!) with my team here in Beautiful Calgary, Alberta!!
That is our producer and friend, Maureen Riley!!!
And that is my dear partner, Christian Vincent...who you could put in a burlap sack, and he would look great. 
How is that fair.
The shoot/rehearsals are going VERY WELL so far!! 
So happy to be back with Christian...he is happy to be competing against Scott and Kelly, again...those Minxes. (Hello, Kelly Konno.)
There are amazing new groups, filled with dedicated, hardworking and awesome people.
The mash ups and medleys are flowing...and we have already worked with groups in Toronto, Calgary and another place....hmmm.....
Next week we move on from AB to another province...and then another....and then another!!!
It is KOOKA!!
And this year...we mean BUSINESS!!!
(We also meant business last year...but I love to say it...)
Do you wanna come to a taping of Canada Sings...hells yes!! 
Come see me sit in the audience in a Fashion Crimes outfit (fancy, as always) and eat my heart out with nerves  as I watch my fabu groups do their things??
Here is the info...


The fun, loud and vibrant show Canada Sings is now in production for it's second season. This season brings 12 new and energetic teams as well as new judge, Laurieann Gibson! To celebrate we've got FREE tickets to be in the LIVE studio audience.

If you're looking for passes please email!
So, back into bed...dreaming of pop songs layered over one another...trophies...trips to NY and points is grand...GRAND! 
I hear that some of the Glee Clubs from Season 2 are reading my posts and think you know who our teams are...but do you really? Do you really? I like to be sneaky and send out misleading information. Ask my husband...that is how I have kept him on his toes for 20 years!!! BWAH BWAH BWAH HA HA!!! (That is my sneaky case you were wondering!) SEE YOU ON THE STAGE!!!

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