Wednesday, February 08, 2012

So, it is like the worst secret in the land...but I am on a cross Canada tour, working on SEASON
2...yes, I said it...Season 2 of Canada Sings! WE gotta another season, people!!!

A: Super Excited about getting Season 2 of this show!!!

B: Super Excited about going across CANADA and meeting and working with new people...of every shape, description, background, and vocal experience!!! LOVE IT!!

C: Doesn't "cross Canada tour" sound fancy?

D: I love that I never have to wear my down coat because someone drives us to and from work...I am sorry...yes, I am bragging...BUT nothing lasts forever and you gotta love it while it is happening people.

E: The groups I have already worked with are SUPER DUPER excited...and hard working...and filled with sass.

F: I can't say where I  am but the pic above is the view out of my hotel window... it is minus 8 million degrees...and sunny as hell.

G: Christian Vincent and I are rocking it...together again! He is so is like looking into the SUN!!! THE SUN I TELL YOU!!! And the best part is he is such a dear that his handsomeness is nothing compared to his heart. What an awesome thing to be working with my talented pal again.

H: Kelly and Scott are somewhere else in Canada right now...trying to beat us...huh. Well, Kelly Konno and Scott Henderson...LET US DO THIS!!! SEASON 2!! WE HAVE ALL SET THE BAR HIGH!!!

I: I was reminded yesterday how lucky I am to have such an amazing, creative job. To be doing this for a living. Meeting and working with all these dedicated and fearless people...they humble and inspire me on a daily basis.

J: I am ALSO reminded how blessed I am to be working with Insight and Shaw, again...thanks to you Insight and Shaw. AND our amazing production team!! This is one of my fave parts...seeing the same fabulous people everyday. When you work on your own shows, working with a large group of talented, wonderful people everyday is such a joy.

K:  I am gonna go start my day! HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY ALL!!!

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