Saturday, January 28, 2012

Last Day of Workation. Sigh. BACK RUB ALL OVER!

This is the breakfast I made myself this morning...I had to take a picture because George will never believe I made it.
I can't cook...thank god he is coming home...I am so sick of my own cooking I could scream.
(Please know that the whole time I write this I am procrastinating packing...and doing that needs to be done before I midnight...lord...)

So, I stayed up super late night...though I went to bed at 10:00pm.
I think I am trying to soak up all the down time I have left. This month has has been fabulous, a challenge, sleepy and snowy...
I read in bed...luxurious...but then when I did nod off...the dogs...knowing something is up...paced a lot through the night...that makes me think that there is ....

A: A ghost in my house
B: A murder in my house
C: They are both preparing to go downstairs and sit on our fancy couch...while I am sleeping.
D: All of the Above. (Which, you have to admit...would make for a good story)

Yesterday, I am rewinding my I can procrastinate through another story...I went for a second this week...fancy...but I have to tell you...I feel a bit dirty about it.
Not in a "happy ending" kind of booked  a massage at one of the places I like here in the is a spa...and I guess I wasn't clear that I wanted a RMT for the masseuse...because when I arrive my regular pedicure lady...young lady, really...was waiting for me...when I expressed that I thought it was amazing that she was also a Registered Massage Therapist...she blushed...and said, "No, I do light touch massage..." said, "What is that..."...she said something like, "It is a form of massage that does not go is like a good backrub...all over...." And here is where I remember back...far when I was but a young single gal...and when someone told you they were gonna give you a backrub all over....well, we all know what happens next.
But because I didn't want to make her feel bad (she does a fine pedicure...) I went in the room and disrobed...and felt like Coco from Fame.
You all know what I mean.
Cause, come on! If it doesn't have a medical might as well be a rub and tug, right?
Let me tell you something my friends...IT WAS ONE OF THE MOST RELAXING THINGS I HAVE EVER HAD....DONE!!!
Oh my god.
I was so relaxed I drooled all over the pillow...and I am glad I didn't fall asleep because I would probably have snored and tooted...
I felt naughty...I am not sure was very decadent...but wholesome, people.
I felt like a fancy lady in ancient something.
Naughty and relaxed.
So, great!!!
I could not wait to go again...and I did yesterday...and because I knew what I was getting it was EVEN BETTER!!!
And I didn't have someone pounding into my I was a professional athlete!
Just a producer/writer/performer...who would like a BACK RUB ALL OVER!!
Is that so wrong?

Anyhow, I start a project on Monday.

A big new fabulous project.
 I am very excited...and nervous...and excited.
The funny thing I started to prepare and do the pre-production work for this project I felt a great deal of pre anxiety that I had to get it all right...I have to think of everything...I have to...I can't....I have to...I have to WIN...we know this place...this is a place where you can get stuck and all of the good creative energy goes out the write, arrange, sing and create from a place of fear.
But I was inspired...because...though these people don't know it...they the same 10 minutes...wrote something inspired, spirited and positive on the old FACEBOOK feed...and they were all people from the teams I had the great honour to work with last year on season one of Canada Sings.

"Chase your fears. That's what they're there for. " 
 -posted by Graham, 1-800-Got-Junk

"The only person that can kill your DREAMS is YOU! Nothing comes easy...sweeter the reward"-  posted by Nancy, Scarborough Hospital 
"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do." Goethe - posted by Sam, Lone Wolf Real Estate

What a true pleasure it was to do this job, my fave job ever...and the people I worked with just inspire me every day with their journeys.
I have seen a lot of them during the past year and marvel at their zest, balls and enthusiasm.
Maybe they were this way before and didn't know it ( I believe this) but they all tell me....they are now singing all the time...when it was just something they did in their showers...they are trying new things that have nothing to do with performing...they are seeking out adventure...they have taken something that they did for charity...with no huge outcome for themselves (aside from the knowledge that they had done something for their fellow man) and turned it into something to more.
They want to try and do new things...they are creative with their lives...and fearless.
It is a great happiness that we have kept in touch and I can watch what they are doing on the FACEBOOK.
Well, if these fabulous people can be can I.

I have had an amazing time already...and two days...I will begin...with my dearest pal, the country and work with and meet new people...what a gift.

I am truly excited.

And now, in honour of this journey...and the closing of the Seussical in Edmonton (they killed it out there) I would like to repost one of my fave videos...let us all go out and BE BRAVE.
And if it doesn't go the way we planned...plans are just a suggestion...aren't they?

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